Coronavirus, the map of contagion in Lombardy


Here is a map that summarizes the distribution at the provincial level of cases of contagion from coronavirus register until 6pm this afternoon. It should be clarified immediately that the official data have not been disseminated – if not partially – by the regional Department of Welfare, but are largely reconstructed on the basis of the data so far disseminated by the media.

The overall balance, we remind you, is of 240 cases of contagion: 60% of these are concentrated in the province of Lodi alone, while the latest national figure counts 322 infections.

The map we propose, therefore, as well as the numbers that are constantly updated, is only indicative, to photograph what the situation is in its evolution and to offer the reader a starting point to better understand the geographical distribution of the cases as a whole.

Scrolling on the map it is possible to read the numerical data of cases in each single province.