Coronavirus, shocked revelation of Forchielli. “China lies, 80 thousand infections”


-> The businessman Alberto Forchielli says that the cases of people infected with Coronavirus may not be the 31 thousand declared by the Chinese government: “There are an estimated 80 thousand cases at the moment. Here everything is stopped: it is paralysis”. Alberto Forchielli, entrepreneur and founder of Mandarin Capital partners, – explains in an interview with The truth from Thailand – in China I left employees and offices, currently unreachable. Nobody leaves for China, now everyone is afraid of getting stuck there. ”

Are you also wearing masks in Thailand?

“Yes, but otherwise they are unconsciously calm here. By the way, they have not yet stopped their flights. On the other hand, the Thais cannot afford it: here many tourists arrive from China. And if the airports close, the Chinese will they piss and make him pay ”

And you are not worried?

“I should have returned to Italy in June, but I will probably be ahead of schedule. The situation is paralyzed here: the two Asian nerve centers, Hong Kong and Singapore, are still in lock down”

Does quarantine work?

“For now, yes. 97% of those infected remain in Wuhan province. Although the real number is much larger than what we are told”.

How big?

“The truth is that we are around 80,000 infected. There are also technical difficulties that prevent us from doing the correct account.”

How long will the emergency last?

“I say that we will go on at least until the summer. Always if bad news doesn’t come.”

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