Coronavirus, Pio D’Emilia: “Check it out, hundreds of Chinese arrive on tourist buses”


Pio D’Emilia, sent by SkyTg24 in Asia, it reveals the incredibleand “flaw” in the control system for the coronavirus in our country. Guest of Myrta Merlino to The air that pulls up La7, the journalist underlines an aspect in the prevention of the contagion which evidently has been completely not considered: “I don’t want to make controversy but there is a limit. The highways are not controlled”, he explains, “they control the stations and the airports but not the roads” . “And I remind you that even today, everyday“, concludes D’Emilia,” hundreds of people arrive in Venice and Italy, especially from Northern Europe Chinese tourists on board buses“.

To date 21 February there are two other people hospitalized at theSacco hospital of Milan, specialized in infectious diseases, for Coronavirus. It’s about the pregnant wife at the eighth month of the thirty-eight year old infected, and still hospitalized in Codogno, in the Lodi area (a Sacco team assists him), that is tested positive he was born in colleague returned from China with whom he had dinner and who spontaneously came to the hospital with the symptoms of pneumonia. The woman is pregnant at the eighth month, she teaches in a school but fortunately for some weeks she has been on maternity leave.

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