Coronavirus, Chinese TV: 2 drugs found to fight the disease


Leading the team was Li Lanjuan, known Chinese epidemiologist, engaged in the fight against the new disease. The researcher brought medical personnel from Zhejiang province to the central province of Hubei, the one from which the virus spread, with the aim of developing treatment for patients.

Lanjuan, on the other hand, considers Kelizhi, an anti-HIV medicine currently used to fight the disease, to be ineffective, and points out that it also has side effects. It therefore recommends including the two drugs identified in the National Health Commission program for the treatment of infected patients.

Stock exchanges celebrate – The news was greeted with relief by the financial markets, which mostly travel positively. After the positive closing of the Asian stock exchanges (Tokyo + 1.02%, Hong Kong + 0.42%, Shanghai + 1.34%), those of the Old Continent also rose.

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