Coronavirus, Chinese couple worsens in Rome, 490 dead. DIRECT


The 17-year-old Italian who remained in Wuhan does not have coronavirus and will soon return home, while a 60-year-old man, recently returned from China, is in solitary confinement in Livorno, waiting for the test results. A woman discharged in Reggio Calabria. The conditions of the Chinese couple hospitalized at Spallanzani are worsening, while the checks at the airport with the thermoscanners are extended to all incoming international flights and, in Fiumicino, also to national ones. Controversy over the request by four Northern League governors to prevent children returning from China from entering school. Conte calls for “trusting those with the skills” to protect citizens from contagion, but the League insists. Agreement between the ministry of health and twitter against fake news.

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