Contrary to the censorship order: Lieberman revealed a secret visit by the head of the institution in Qatar


Israeli House Speaker Avigdor Lieberman revealed last night (Saturday night) that Mossad chief Yossi Cohen and commander of the Southern Command, Gen. Ratzi Halevi, visited Qatar two weeks ago, on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s mission.

Lieberman’s remarks, said in an interview with the Meet the Press program, constituted a violation of a censorship order that forbade the publication of the secret trip. Lieberman attacked Netanyahu, accusing him of surrendering to Hamas: “On Wednesday, two weeks ago, Qatar head of the Mossad, along with General Command Southern Command, visit Netanyahu’s mission, and they are just begging Qatarians to continue to pour money into Hamas after March 30.”

“Both Egypt and the Qatari are furious with Hamas, and they intend to cut off all contact with them,” Lieberman continued. “Suddenly Netanyahu appears as a Hamas defense, pressuring Egypt and Qatarians to continue to act as if it were an environmental organization. This is a surrender to terrorism policy. In 2019 Hamas launched 1500 rockets at Israel, 4 civilians were killed. There is a surrender to terrorism and protections, and everything about To buy quiet. “

In light of Lieberman’s remarks, Leah and Simcha Goldin, the parents of Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, asked that his body be held by Hamas, to Netanyahu’s military secretary-general, Avi Blut, and to the prisoners and missing coordinator, Yaron Blum, urgently to meet with the prime minister. At a meeting in Qatar, Israeli officials discussed the arrangement with Wahmas and the subsequent transfer of funds to the Gaza Strip, without raising the issue of the return of IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians.

The Goldin family said that “Netanyahu publicly and personally pledged that the series would not be returned without the sons from Gaza. The evening publications suggest that once again the opportunity was missed to bring home Hadar, Oron, Abra and Hisham. Against the backdrop of these publications and the expansion of Hamas’s benefits and the breach of the pledge, Demand to meet Netanyahu. “

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