Carlos Ghosn targeted by judicial information for misuse of corporate assets and money laundering


The Nanterre prosecutor’s office has just opened a judicial investigation targeting Carlos Ghosn, the former boss of Renault. This judicial information relates to alleged facts of “abuse of corporate property, abuse of aggravated corporate property, aggravated breach of trust, concealment of these offenses, forgery and use, aggravated laundering of abuse of corporate property and aggravated breach of trust “.

The prosecution said in a statement sent this Wednesday afternoon that these are “acts committed between 2009 and 2020”.

In this case, it is in particular to shed light on suspicious payments from Renault to a company based in Oman. The money would have ended up being invested in the affairs of Carlos Ghosn’s son and in various assets, including a yacht, which would have benefited the Ghosn family.

“Amounts of several million euros”

These are also event and travel expenses “likely to be private, paid by a Dutch subsidiary, RNBV, to the detriment of the Renault group, said the prosecution, for amounts of several million euros. “

The investigations of the Nanterre prosecution had started after a report from Renault management in February 2019. In the viewfinder: the organization of the marriage of Carlos Ghosn with his wife Carole at the Palace of Versailles in October 2016. The former magnate of the the automobile would not have paid a cent for the rental of the castle. No more than for the sumptuous evening at the Grand Trianon, which would have cost some € 50,000.

Today there is also talk of a birthday party also organized at the castle. The consideration for these free services would be a sponsorship agreement signed between Renault and the public establishment which manages the Palace of Versailles.

Bercy’s anti-money laundering unit has corroborated the suspicions

The investigations were then extended to suspicious payments to Oman. The financial flows between Renault and the Omani company, baptized SBA, were examined in February 2019. Here again, the first suspicions appeared during the internal investigation at Renault, shortly after the arrest of its ex CEO in Japan in November 2018.

Entrusted to the Central Office for Combating Corruption and Financial Crimes (Oflcif), the investigation was supported by reports from the auditors of Renault and Tracfin, the anti-money laundering unit in Bercy.,

These investigations “made it possible to characterize the likelihood of the offenses,” said the Nanterre public prosecutor’s office, which prompted the opening of a judicial investigation.

This was entrusted to several investigating judges from the economic and financial pole of Nanterre and must “allow the necessary investigations to continue, in particular abroad”, supports the prosecution.

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