“Captain Marleau”: for some fans, Corinne Masiero does too much


Have the scents of the maquis boosted “Captain Marleau”? The new investigation in Corsican ground of the gendarme ch’ti, back this Tuesday February 17 on France 3, at 9:05 pm, promises sparks. Busy in breaking the omerta in a village on the heights of Bastia after the death of a retired doctor whose daughter seems to hide many secrets, the captain played by Corinne Masiero multiplies the projections. The actress lets go, perhaps even more than usual, over this winding plot.

Allusions to yellow vests, redoubled references to the Femen movement served by the scenario where it will be a question of a domestic tyrant and a beating husband, everything goes there. From the first 7 minutes, the tone is set: outspokenness and improvisation pegged to her chapka, Corinne Masiero stacks up on puns and other banter. “You are real idiots!” I don’t wear an orange cardigan but a yellow cardigan. I didn’t know we were on demo today, ”she said to hunters who had just shot her and injured her arm. “Don’t put your big finger in my hole … It starts with a finger and it ends with an arm,” she continues, pointing to her wound before ordering an emergency doctor: “Tighten harder, you bandage your bandage softly” .

“She forces the line and becomes a caricature”

A flowery language that does not always pass with the followers of the actress and the series. “The first episodes made me laugh. We are used to the antics of Corinne Masiero in Marleau. But, lately, she abuses it, notes Sophie, 64, a retiree from Lot-et-Garonne. She is driven by success and it looks like she is doing what she wants ”.

“When I know there is Captain Marleau on TV, I say to myself: chic we’ll have a good evening! tempers Pascale, former teacher and pure ch’ti jus. I love this crazy character and the committed woman who has known galleys and fights for the most underprivileged. Like her, Marleau is a rough formworker and I very much appreciated her distribution at the start. Much less today because it forces the line and it becomes a caricature. At times, she is vulgar and disrespectful towards the bereaved in the plot. It bothers me. So, the last few times, I stopped watching after three quarters of an hour. ”

The atypical and uninhibited heroine, however, panics the counters with nearly 8 million viewers on average and 29.9% of the public before the last two unpublished broadcasts in October 2019.

“We had a hard time following the thread of history”

But on the Web, some followers of the beginnings also point to excesses. “Corinne Masiero makes tons of it and by overplaying the clownish side she ends up discrediting her character”, notes a surfer. “I was a fan of this series but now it is too comfortable, adds another. By dint of incessant clowning, rather cumbersome messages linked to current events, more or less funny puns, it is difficult to follow the thread of history. ”

The woman assumes: “I can’t pretend to play! When you try to fit me, it does not work, “said the actress already in 2017.

Director Josée Dayan makes no secret of it: “She gets loose all the time. She always has. She writes part of her dialogues and improvises. I grant him freedom, specifies the director who ensures to keep control. If what she says doesn’t suit the character or the story, we don’t keep it. “

Some cuts during assembly

On the editing benches, the chain also watches, even if it means suggesting cuts, as was the case for the episode in Corsica. Or to prefer a plan on the partner of the Roubaisian actress and thus erase one of her unfortunate aftershocks.

Because France 3 knows it: by dint of multiplying the blows of brilliance outside of filming, her favorite actress can be as divisive as adored for her banter and her naturalness. Last week, the troublemaker Masiero still castigated in Télérama the stranglehold of “bourgeois straight white Catholic heterosexuals” within the leadership of the Academy of Caesar resigning. On January 18, she appeared topless to the teams of “Groland le Zapoï” on Canal +, during a critical sketch on pension reform. However, the “Captain Marleau” series does not intend to become a platform.

The fact remains that success can give wings. And the interpreter has not finished transforming the dialogues imagined by the scriptwriters to put them in his sauce. Texts written “with the complicity of Corinne Masiero”, moreover stipulates the credits. His flashes? “It all depends on the subject,” insists Josée Dayan. The following week, the gendarme will immerse themselves in the world of undertakers. More sober and less prompt this time out of the frame.

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