Cadillac to Unveil New Electric Crossover in April


Cadillac is expected to unveil a new all-electric Crossover in April, reports Auto News.

Indeed, Cadillac had presented about 13 months ago a pronounced, aggressive and low design. This Cadillac Electric Crossover will be based on a new modular platform that will be used by many General Motors electric vehicles.

This platform could be adapted to several configurations; front, rear and four wheel drive. However, all-wheel drive would likely be the number one option for Cadillac managers. “Although I cannot divulge all of our secrets, I can tell you that it will be sold worldwide and will come as the forefront of the wave of products that follows our current three-year aggression,” a- he added.

“We are entering this decade as a brand of internal combustion engine. However, we want to position ourselves as an electric battery brand, so we have to manage both at the same time, “added Carlisle.

The official date for the revelation has not been announced, although the New York Auto Show takes place April 10-19, and will likely be the expected launch event. Otherwise, Cadillac may decide to reveal the vehicle at a dedicated event coinciding with the show.

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