Blue and White and Torah Judaism had secret contacts before the elections


Blue and White and Torah Judaism had secret contacts before the Knesset was dispersed
Still Photo: Niv Aharonson, Video: Niv Aharonson and Michael Barhum, Video Editing: Yardana Abudi-Fox
Just before the dissolution of the 22nd Knesset and the exit for third elections, in blue and white, there were political contacts with Torah Jewry – so Walla learned! NEWS. As part of the talks, representatives of the two parties held talks discussing possible political scenarios for forming a government. On the blue, it was Hod Betzer, the head of the party’s chairman Benny Gantz, while Yanki Kanievsky, grandson of Rabbi Haim Kanievsky, a leader of the Lithuanian stream in the ultra-Orthodox sector, represented Torah Jewry. Gantz and the chairman of the Torah flag faction, MK Moshe Gaffney.

The talks between the parties, which took place about a month and a half before the dissolution of the Knesset – some even before the mandate passed from Gantz to the Knesset – did not mature, and the Knesset was dispersed for the third elections. However, Tzar and Kanievsky have also been in contact with them these days, and the first one attended Kanivski’s sister’s wedding held recently in Bnei Brak.

Kanievsky is a significant figure in Haredi politics, mainly because he whispers to his grandfather, who is considered one of the decision makers in the ultra-Orthodox sector. The 30-year-old grandson is involved in the most significant decisions and is not only influencing the faction of the Lithuanian Torah flag, which his grandfather is a leader, but also a close associate of Shas chairman Arie Deri and his surroundings. Ozer was part of the blue-and-white negotiating team and is Gantz’s chief of staff and one of his close associates.

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In talks between the parties, various political scenarios emerged in an attempt to prevent third elections. A white-blue party did not deny that the two were engaged in their conversations in politics, but claimed no concrete proposals were passed between the parties. At that time, the conversations between Kanievsky and the fortress reached the ears of Netanyahu’s people, and fearing that the right block would be cracked, these held a meeting with Kanievsky in Bnei Brak. That meeting included, among others, Nathan Eshel, Netanyahu’s associate, and Rebecca Paloch, the Prime Minister’s adviser on ultra-Orthodox affairs.

The talks with Torah Jewry are very surprising in light of the party’s public stance to support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the only candidate to assemble the government. MK Gaffney claimed in response that “there was and was not created” although, as stated, according to political sources, he knew about Kanievsky’s talks with Bezar. However, it is unknown whether the talks were about the possibility of forming a government led by Gantz or a split of white and blue and forming a government with Likud.

“It’s a false knowledge that comes from interested parties,” they said in blue and white in response to the news. “The personal acquaintance between Batzar and Kanievsky was created a long time ago. No political or theoretical negotiations were conducted between them. Blue and white will establish a government based on basic principles that will bring about change in the State of Israel. After the elections, we will establish a government with parties that will agree on liberal foundations and sales in Israel as a Jewish state. And democratic. ”

Despite referrals to him, Yanki Kanievsky did not comment. Agudat Israel, the second faction in Torah Judaism headed by Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, said in response: “We do not know about talks with white and blue about supporting elections.”

Today, the party leaders, as well as Shas and right-wing leaders, once again reaffirmed their support for Netanyahu in a letter they sent to him, stating that they would only be recommended to him by the prime minister. In a letter, initiated by Shas chairman Aryeh Deri, Netanyahu and his associates say that Yina will split after the Gantz-led government elections, they noted that “In recent days, we have witnessed a series of media publications stating that, after being elected to the 23rd Knesset, a blue-and-white government will be formed and attended or supported by right-wing parties. This is a true read. ”This is a third letter signed by right-wing party leaders in which they declared political allegiance to Netanyahu.

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