BioView and ANGLE Plc present an integrated solution for identifying cancer cells in the bloodstream


                The companies are integrating technologies to create a working procedure with regulated protocols for isolating and characterizing blood cells from cancerous cells to provide clinically important information to clinicians               </p><div id="articleBody">
                 <p dir="RTL">The ANGLE Plc Company, which is traded in the US and London (AIM: AGL OTCQX: ANPCY) and is engaged in the field of liquid biopsy, together with the BioView company in Tel Aviv and operates in the field of automated cell imaging and analysis, today announced joint development to create an integrated biomarker identification system A tumor of the bloodstream.

The results will be presented at the annual Molecular Tri-Con 2020 conference in San Francisco. This conference presents companies operating in the field of personalized medicine – “personalized medicine”. The upcoming conference will focus on innovations in treatment, diagnosis and technologies to advance advanced therapies in a variety of areas, including cancer.

The presentation at the conference will be called “Integrating Cell Isolation Technologies and Imaging of Cancer Cells from the Blood Circulation to Create an Applique Solution to Provide Clinical Information from a Simple Blood Test.” The results will be presented by Anne-Sophie Pailhes-Jimenez, Head of the ANGLE Development Team.

Tissue biopsies are used to identify diagnostic markers that provide information to guide cancer patient care. However, tissue biopsy is an invasive, expensive procedure and allows for cell collection that does not exhibit all tumor characteristics. The tissue biopsy presents several limitations and difficulties in performing a number of biopsies per patient during the treatment needed to assess the condition.

The cancerous tumor cells found in the circulating bloodstream provide an attractive alternative to these challenges. The cells are collected by a simple and inexpensive procedure – a non-invasive blood test, which allows continuous monitoring of the cancer patient’s condition.

The collaboration integrates ANGLE’s Parsortix system, which allows a liquid blood biopsy test to be performed to isolate cancer cells to attach the cancerous tumor specimen, together with the bio-visual imaging and analysis system, which provides a range of capabilities that enable the manual and extended procedure of identifying and specifying tumor cells. The blood, for an automated, rapid, highly analytical process that is compatible with the clinical use requirements of laboratories and hospitals around the world.

Through the collaboration, ANGLE and BioView combine technologies to create a working procedure with regulated protocols for isolating and characterizing cancerous tumor cells from the bloodstream to provide clinically important information to physicians treating such as Her-2 gene expression (PD and Herceptin chemotherapy for cancer patients) L1 (relevant to immunotherapy-based cancer treatments).

Mevio and Yu said that the development presented has not yet been widely studied in hospitals, and there is no certainty as to how far the new method will be adopted and what effect it will have on the company’s financial results.


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