Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Convertible: Demonstrator of luxury


Marketed since March 2019, the Continental GT Convertible has seen its offer expanded with the arrival of a very luxurious version, the 2020 Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Convertible, which promises to be the top of the range of discoverable Continental GTs.
The manufacturer of Crewe launches this model to highlight its Mulliner division, which is responsible for developing Bentley “custom” produced at the request of customers.
If this Mulliner version is announced in the catalog of the brand, it also serves as a beautiful demonstrator of the know-how of the craftsmen who work for Bentley Motors.

Great personalized luxury outside

Passed between the expert hands of the personalization department, this Continental GT Convertible does not change in its appearance and its presence but plays on the details and the good quality of their realization.
This new Continental GT Convertible is offered in 61 deliveries to choose from (excluding custom colors) and is based on 10-spoke aluminum rims in 22-inch diameter with 10-spoke.
These wheels have a painted and polished finish with a central “floating” badge, which always remains parallel to the road.
This Bentley Mulliner has a new grille in the so-called “Double Diamond” finish inspired by Bentley’s exclusive “Diamond-in-Diamond” quilted interior design.
The air vents use the same theme and are made in the same silver and black diamond tones.

Very luxury on board

The interior of the Continental GT Mulliner Convertible is entirely handcrafted. There are eight custom three-color combinations. A new color distribution designed by Mulliner defines the eight possibilities with in particular a third reinforced color which can be unique and in accordance with the desires of customers. The pieces of leather are all sewn by hand and are adorned with unique “Mulliner” embroidery.
Each headrest is embroidered with the name Mulliner in cotton thread in a contrasting color.
Bentley says it takes almost 400,000 points to achieve this full padding of the cabin of the large convertible. We also learn that it takes 712 individual points for each diamond, each of them being precisely aligned to point towards the center of the diamond it creates. The development of this embroidery process alone would have taken some 18 months.
The center console has a diamond-milled finish and a new on-board watch still signed Breitling. This console is associated with dashboard and door inserts in black Piano lacquer (with Mulliner logo inlaid in front of the front passenger).

The Continental GT Mulliner Convertible also offers LED mood lighting with seven different themes. This edge light is enhanced by backlit Mulliner door sills and LED welcome lights that project Bentley fenders onto the ground from the exterior mirrors.
The English convertible is offered with a high-end hi-fi installation by Naim for Bentley.
The configuration includes eighteen speakers, two Active Bass transducers powered by a 20-channel digital amplifier with a power of 2,200 watts. The amplifier is associated with a DSP with eight sound modes and management of the Active Bass system.
Finally, customers will receive a leather-wrapped key in a sumptuous handcrafted presentation box signed Mulliner. The key matches the three-color interior configuration of the car. The two keys on the key are similar in color to the contrasting topstitching.

Two engines for the Mulliner convertible

This new Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Convertible will be offered with two engines, namely the V8 4.0 L biturbo (550 hp, 770 Nm) and the 6.0 L biturbo (635 hp, 900 Nm).
These two engines are associated with a BVA8 and all-wheel drive
With the V8 the top speed is fixed at 318 km / h and it takes 4.1 seconds for the impressive convertible to go from 0 to 100 km / h.
The W12 engine allows a Vmax set at 333 km / h and sends the 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3.8 seconds.

The car will be presented on March 3 in Geneva and will hit the market later this year.
When launched, the model will not be available for order in European Union countries, or even in Israel, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey or Ukraine. It will be available to order on these markets at a later date.
The pricing of this large and luxurious English convertible is not yet known.

Via BentleyMotors.

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