Bated breath for the reopening of the Chinese stock exchanges. Friday Fitch’s judgment on Italy –


MILAN – The eyes of investors remain focused on China. While the coronavirus continues to expand all over the world, with the first victim registered outside the country, the Chinese stock exchanges will also reopen on Monday, closed since January 24th for the New Year’s holidays and remained precautionary for a few days longer than expected. After the heavy falls of the last few days seen on the European financial markets and on Wall Street, a departure in strong trouble is also expected for the Dragon’s lists.To deal with the financial emergency, the Chinese central bank has also taken the field. A few hours after the stock exchange hedging, it launched a maxi injection of liquidity of 1,200 billion yuan (about 173 billion dollars). The instrument used was that of the “reverse repurchase”, that is, the purchase of assets on the markets with the agreement for their resale at a higher price in the predetermined future.
On the domestic side, the Fitch agency will update the rating on Italy on Friday evening. In his last judgment he had confirmed the rating at BBB, two steps above the “junk” level, with a negative outlook. Piazza Affari instead looks at the barrage of quarterly reports coming up. Among the big names that will also reckon Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit, Fca is Ferrari.MONDAY FEBRUARY 3
Pensions: meeting between the Minister of Labor Nunzia Catalfo and the unions on a guarantee pension for young people and ‘discontinuous’ workers.
Istat: expenditure for the protection of the environment (2008-2018).
Social security: hearing in Rome for the Italian Enterprise Network on welfare and social security issues. With the president Tiziano Treu and the vice president Gianna Fracassi.
Milleproroghe: decree in the Chamber Budget Committee (jointly with Constitutional Affairs).
Waste: hearing of Bankitalia representatives in San Macuto. At the end Hearing of the President of the Institute on insurance supervision (Ivass), Daniele Franco.
Auto: the Ministry of Infrastructure releases the data on January registrations.
Mef: needs in January.
ECB: in Germany Christine Lagarde, president of the ECB, attends an event by Deutsche Boerse.
Use: Ism manufactured in January.
Markets: the Chinese stock exchange opens.

Istat: consumer price basket, year 2020; provisional January inflation estimate.
Digital: in Rome conference “The protection of minors in the multiplatform digital environment. Designing the future between training and regulation”, organized by the Ministry of Economic Development in collaboration with the Media and Minors Committee. Minister Stefano Patuanelli opens the session. Speeches by Alberto Barachini, Licia Ronzulli and Donatella Pacelli.
Infrastructures: trade unions meeting with Minister De Micheli in Rome on infrastructure re-launch, with CGIL secretary general Maurizio Landini.
Milleproroghe: decree in the Chamber Budget Committee (jointly with Constitutional Affairs.
In Rome presentation of Cesare Salvi’s book “The Civil Code – Commentary – The Content of Property Law”, with the president of Abi, Antonio Patuelli. Organized by the Last Supper by Tommaso Moro and the Pietro Nenni Foundation
Tax: in Rome I agree ‘Consulentia Anasf’ of financial advisors. Round table with Marco Bentivogli, general secretary of Fim Cisl and Enrico Giovannini, spokesman for Asvis.
Ferrari: financial results and conference call.
Intesa sp: financial results and conference calls.

Enel: with Symbola presents the study “100 Italian robotics & automation stories” in Rome. Expected participation, among others, of the CEO. Enel Francesco Starace and the president of Symbola Ermete Realacci.
CGIL: NIdiL CGIL general assembly in Rome, with CGIL secretary general Maurizio Landini.
Milleproroghe: decree in the Chamber Budget Committee (jointly with Constitutional Affairs).
Welfare: Censis Eudaimon report on corporate welfare in Rome Inauguration of the Higher Education Course “towards social prosperity in Rome with president Abi Antonio Patuelli, president of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia, deputy general manager of the Bank of Italy Alessandra Perrazzelli.
Popolare Bari: decree in the Senate Finance Committee.
CISL: Fist Cisl youth conference in Milan. The general secretary, Annamaria Furlan, will participate
Innovation: in Rho (Milan) opening of the Social Innovation Campus with president Ubi Letizia Moratti, president Legacoop Mauro Lusetti, president of Fondazione Cariplo Giovanni Fosti, Pierluigi Stefanini, President of Unipol Group and ASviS and others.
Bper: conference call on the presentation of the Group’s consolidated results with Alessandro Vandelli.
Unicredit: financial results.
ECB: in Paris speech by Christine Lagarde, president of the ECB, at the Grand Prix de l’èconomie des Echos 2019.
Use: Ism non-manufacturing January; trade balance December.

Security: table at the Ministry of Labor on health and safety.
Enel: consolidated preliminary figures for the 2019 financial year.
FCA: presentation of the results for the year and the fourth quarter of 2019 in London.
Banco Bpm: financial results.
Mediobanca: financial results.
Milleproroghe: decree in the Budget Chamber committee (jointly with Constitutional Affairs)
Earthquake: in L’Aquila conference “Innovation, reconstruction development: the future of internal areas”, with the president of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia.
Germany: orders to industry in December.
Use: weekly unemployment benefits.
ECB: Christine Lagarde, president of the ECB, speaks at the European parliament in Brussels.
ECB: publication of the economic bulletin.

Istat: retail trade December; monthly note on the performance of the Italian economy in January.
Pensions: government union meeting on revaluation of existing pensions.
Milleproroghe: decree in the Chamber Budget Committee (jointly with Constitutional Affairs).
Forex Assiom: twenty-sixth annual Congress in Brescia, in collaboration with Ubi Banca.
South: conference in Naples “The relaunch of the South starts from young people. Accountants, businesses, universities in comparison”, with the president of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia Cgil: in Bergamo “Touch to us!” Initiative, with the general secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini .
Istat: conference in Milan “Companies that look to the future between opportunities and new challenges”, organized in collaboration with Borsa Italiana. Among others, Giuseppe Sala, mayor of Milan; Attilio Fontana, president of the Lombardy Region; Paola Pisano, minister for technological innovation; Gian Carlo Blangiardo, Istat President; Carlo Robiglio, vice president of Confindustria and President of Piccola Industria; Flavio Valeri, vice president of Abi; Carlo Sangalli, President of Unioncamere; Stefano Buffagni, Deputy Minister of Economic Development.
Mps: financial results and conference call.
CNH Industrial: financial results and conference call.
Germany: industrial production December; December trade balance.
Usa: data on average wages in January; January unemployment rate.
Spain: industrial production in December.
China: January trade balance.

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