Barcelona: Unai Emery claims 1: 6 judgment errors against Paris Saint-Germain


The Spanish coach told France Football about the pair of rejections in the Champions League eighth: “In the first year it happened because of clear judgments and after that we lost to the winner.” Arsenal period: “Players demanded more than they gave”

Unai Emery Dismissed from Arsenal at the end of November But the problem in the team did not seem to be in the coach position at all. Since the book left, Arsenal has played 11 league games with only two wins and 25 places in tenth place. On Monday, Onai Emery was interviewed at France Football and told of the period at Arsenal and also the failure of the Champions League during his tenure in Paris Saint-Germain.What didn’t work at Arsenal: “When I joined the team, it was down for two years. I changed the momentum with reaching the European League finals and fifth place in the league, when we lost the Champions League ticket just in the last round. We had a good season, but then we lost our four captains – Lauren Kusilani, Peter Chech, Arun Ramsey and Nacho Monral, they were missing us. In addition, some stars did not arrive at the right approach and asked for more than they gave. Because of these facts, it took longer to build the new arsenal I wanted. ”

The Champions League failures with Paris Saint-Germain: “I won the championship, four local and two Cups in Super Cup. But the goal was the Champions League. We looked very good in the first game against Barcelona, ​​we lost clear decisions by the referee because there was still no VAR. In the second year, against Real Madrid we faced a historic team that won three “We have lost big because of a referee’s decision and in the second year we lost to the champions.”

“Players demanded more than they gave.” Emerald Unai with runner (AFP)

Relative to Nasser Al Khalifa“I always felt support on his part. For example, when we replaced Neymar, I had to explain that we were going to turn the team around him. Otherwise he wouldn’t come, management talked about a contract, but the coach is the one to convince him about the game plan.”

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