“Ashamed, he doesn’t want to go out”


Pele’s son Edinho said that the Brazilian legend player did not want to go out because of his health problems.

Edson Cholbi do Nascimento, nicknamed ‘Edinho’, made a statement to Brazil’s Globo television about his father, Pele.

According to Sputnik, Edinho reminded that her 79-year-old father had many health problems in recent years, “He is very fragile because of the surgery he had on his hips. He can only step with the walker. This made him a kind of depression. Imagine, he was the king of football and always a glorious personality. Now he can’t walk without help. He is embarrassed, he was retired because he didn’t want to appear.” used expressions.

Brazilian ex-star football player has been hospitalized many times in recent years due to kidney problems and prostate.

Pele, which is among the best in the history of football, is the only player that has won the FIFA World Cup 3 times.

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