Agreement between big, McDonald’s sandwich with Nutella


Bread and nutella for 1.40 euros, recommended price for franchisees. Bread and nutella outside the home. In the 600 McDonald’s in Italy. The first country to experiment with such a commercial offer. A test to understand whether to export the product also abroad where both brands, if we consider Ferrero, have an iconic value. With global economies of scale. All in all complementary markets and a positioning that tends to align considering the efforts of the US chain to invest in Italian products with high added value and zero km that have now converted it into an actor no longer associated with American hit and run food.

McDonald’s plans to sell 6 million McCrunchy Bread Nutella from here to a year. Considering the million presences per month in our country it may not be a titanic effort. The commercial partnership is interesting above all because it intends to intercept a growing demand that of the consumption of meals away from home by integrating the offer in addition to the sweet as well as the salty hamburger, historically the heart of the business.

Mario Federico, CEO of McDonald’s Italia, explains, that the combination of bread (semolina as tradition) and nutella will allow you to bring a moment of conviviality typical of Italian families to the sales network of the chain. Allowing to also sensitize the clientele of tourists who flock to McDonald’s especially in the cities of art with meals at an affordable price.

On the other hand, the times of the Mc Index are not far away which once represented a retail price benchmark. The alliance also suggests that the food delivery channel, home food, is growing but not such as to intermediate an important market share. At the moment 5% of the volumes of the US giant in Italy pass through this segment, a lower value than other countries where home delivery startups have excellent revenues and margins not so reduced that they have to push on the labor costs of the bellboys. Yet Deliveroo has just launched an expansion plan in some provincial cities. The capillarity of the McDonald’s network in Italy, built on a relationship of careful selection of franchisees, has for some time made it possible to get out of urban centers. The challenge now is to bring bread and nutella where the rhythms are much less intense.

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