According to Mame Mactar Gueye JAMRA, her daughter begins to express “depressive and suicidal tendencies”


I will never accept that someone wants to go through my family to destroy me and silence me. My daughter has no responsibility in the fighting that leads her father.
I RESPOND to the thesis of the police spokesman, Lieutenant Ndiassé Dioum, claiming that “it was the police who found my daughter in an inn, after having geolocated her”. IT IS INACCURATE. I take as witness the patron of urban security (SU), Commissioner Bara Sangaré. It was I who learned on this last shooting was found by a mother from the Layene family, Sokhna FS Laye (opposite the Seydina Limamou mausoleum). I immediately got it. I informed Commissioner Sangaré that I had asked the most to lume take my daughter immediately for audition. What I did. BUT, after a while, will be Commissioner Sangaré due to the interruption of my daughter’s hearing, on the grounds that “her lucidity left something to be desired”. Indeed, my daughter served multiple versions to investigators. And because he was a credible and reliable hearing VP, he demanded a suspension of hearings around the world. What everyone accepts.

WHAT then explain this SUSPICIOUS PRECIPITATION of the National Police Communication Officer, Lieutenant Ndiassé Dioum, consisting in going to pour out in a local radio station to declare that “there has been no ‘kidnapping’! Who spoke of kidnapping? I clearly specified in my referral (given to the Dramé and Sangaré Commissioners) that “my daughter has disappeared”!

LE LIEUTENANT DIOUM has exceeded its prerogatives by hastily delivering the bribes of an unfinished hearing. And which were far from being validated. Especially since, I repeat, I investigators not only noticed that my daughter’s lucidity left something to be desired, but that a thousand and one versions delivered to the investigators by my daughter, still in a state of panic, commanded to attend unless the investigators finished their hearing, before we were delivered to a scoop lesson, making this resounding statement, which was DEEP INJURED MY DAUGHTER, who begin to express DEPRESSIVE tendencies and suicidal.

FINALLY, it is good for public opinion to know that IT WAS NOT THE POLICE THAT FOUND MY DAUGHTER, contrary to what Lieutenant Dioum said. But a Layéne family who took her to me. Before the boss of the SU asks me to deliver it.

I WOULD LIKE to be the police spokesman, Lieutenant Ndiassé Dioum responsible for everything that could happen to my daughter, which is badly thrown into the food of public opinion.

I REITERATE YOU to all, Dear Friends, all my gratitude for your constant support and your multiple messages of comfort in this difficult time. I will get back to you very soon after my appointment on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 with Urban Security, insha’Allah. The fight goes on. (MMG JAMRA).

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