A suspect was arrested for attempted murder in Jerusalem


Police decry attempted murder of Eli Arish (Photo: Police spokeswoman)

It was allowed for publicity that police arrested a suspect in the attempted murder of offender Eli Arish
In the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem about a month ago. The suspect, 24-year-old Naftali Ben Abu, was the son of Arish. On Tuesday, a prosecutor’s statement was filed in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court, and an indictment for attempted murder is expected to be filed as early as Friday.

The conflict between the two began following gambling apartments in Jerusalem, operated by two crime groups in the city. Ben Abu, who apparently started working with the group competing in Arish, was shot three months ago. It is suspected that Ben Abu sought revenge on Arish for the incident.

Eli Arish (Photo: Shlomi Cohen)

Seriously injured in the assassination attempt. Eli Arish(Photo: Shlomi Cohen)

The shooting scene in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem (Photo: Police spokeswoman)

The shooting scene in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem(Photo: Police spokeswoman)

On January 13, large police forces were called to the Ramot neighborhood in the morning, following a report of gunfire at the resident who was seriously injured. The police investigation was conducted under a prohibition order, and only today its details were published. Using widespread advanced technological means, police were able to identify the suspect, Abu Abu, and arrested him on suspicion of attempted murder that night.

In a search conducted by police in the Abu Abu escape route, they were able to locate the gun with which he allegedly fired at Arish. Besides the gun, other forensic findings were found that linked Ben Abu to the murder attempt.

It is suspected that Ben Abu followed Arish on the day of the shooting, changing his clothes several times, until the moment he fired and fled the scene. Apparently, the shooting took place only on an ongoing dispute between the two.

Police say a “quick and focused investigation by investigators, using the advanced means at their disposal, has led to the suspect’s quick arrest and prosecution for the offense.

Advocate Maayan Nufar Ammon, representing Naftali Ben Abu Masra, in response: At the moment it can be said that this is the most preliminary end of the procedure and that the words of defense will be added later.

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