A joint team was set up to discuss ways to advance the Israeli economy


The Chairman of the Histadrut Arnon Bar-David and the Chairman of the Acting Business Sector Dovi Amitai, announced at the closing session of the 24th Eilat Conference on Labor Issues, the establishment of a joint think tank of the Histadrut and the Business Sector, which will discuss ways to advance the Israeli economy.

The purpose of the joint team is to examine all the burning issues facing the Israeli economy, while presenting solutions and work plans to promote them.

Immediately at the end of the elections, and with the establishment of a new government, the teams will present to the government their plans that will, among other things, increase growth and increase productivity while reducing regulation and improving the ability to do business in Israel, which will increase employee wages, increase pension benefits, shorten the working day and work week. At the retirement age for women, improving service to the citizen and promoting education and training of workers to the changing and evolving labor market.

Chairman of the Histadrut, Arnon Bar-David: “I am confident that the joint work teams will present to the government a plan that expresses the fruitful cooperation between employers and the Histadrut, while properly addressing the challenges facing the local economy. I urge every government that does not come to be the third side of the teams, for the benefit of the public and the Israeli economy. “

Acting Chairman of the Business Sector, True Bear: “The government, even during the transitional government, must take responsibility for the government and join the table of workers and employers in order to work for the restoration of the Israeli economy and make decisions that combine everyone’s interests – which will lead to growth and increase productivity that will benefit the public and prevent it. Friction and unnecessary wars. ‘

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