“A conspiracy against Mame Mactar Gueye to promote debauchery …”


2/17/20 at 3:25 PM

With the affair of Mame Moctar Guèye’s daughter, we see a vicious process that is increasingly taking its course in our country and which it will be imperative to face. There is apparently a large-scale conspiracy to smear everything so that the promotion of debauchery is not hampered.

The story of the daughter of this gentleman recognized as a defender of values, is today a privileged subject with the backdrop of the plated image of a lesson giver who shelters in his house someone who plays values ​​he disapproves of. This is the caricatured image that would be used to silence him and silence any other lesson giver so that the barriers of criticism are removed and fear changes sides.

I do not always agree with Mame Moctar in his approach and his methods but I understand that the fact of assuming the mission of fighting for the protection of our values ​​and our culture makes him a valiant person and to protect .
There are no longer many who take these kinds of risks. Ah yes, it has become a risk to face an industry of debauchery which spreads its tentacles even in unsuspected circles.

Assuming that what was said about the girl is true, it would not take away from the credit for Mame Moctar Guèye. He may well be one of the parents whose children have gone astray from the educational vice built with abnegation and rigor.
He has a duty to defend his daughter and to be by her side, but his actions do not commit him.

Let him continue to fight for the protection of values ​​and support for his daughter so that lying never takes precedence over the truth, whether or not it is favorable to her.

Thierno Bocoum

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