A campaign of solidarity with a Saudi grocer gives him many free and attractive offers .. Know his story


Attractive commercial offers, many of them completely free, poured into an elderly Saudi grocer after he appeared in a video, complaining about the lack of goods in his new store due to the lack of confidence of the supplied companies.

The video initially found a noticeable circulation on social media after it was published by many Saudi celebrities, and urged local companies to support the grocer who says that the difficulties he faces are related to being a Saudi in a sector dominated by foreign arrivals.

The man’s complaint found a remarkable response from many companies, some of whom decided to provide free goods to him, while others pledged to provide him with goods with postpaid facilities, and one of the companies said that they would pay the store’s electricity bills for a full year.

Saudis who enter new sectors in the labor market, which was the exclusive domain of foreign expatriates in the past, find remarkable support from their citizens with the changing view of society to work in light of the increasing unemployment rate and the lack of government jobs.

Foreign immigrants dominate the grocery sector, from which many Saudis are alienated due to society’s inferior view of its workers, but that view began to change with the Saudis already entering in many sectors that they avoided working in the past.

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