70 Officers Addressing Chief of Staff: “Denounce Karmnitzer’s Remarks”


Following an article by Prof. Mordechai Karmnitzer in Haaretz newspaper, in which he allegedly legitimized Palestinian terror, dozens of reserve security officers contacted the Chief of Defense Force’s chief of staff, demanding that he publicly condemn Karmnitzer’s remarks.

“For many years, IDF leaders have been in close contact with Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer of the Israeli Democracy Institute.” Writes in a letter to Brigadier General Amir Abivi, Director of the Security Movement. “In the past year, Prof. Kremnitzer has publicly expressed statements expressing legitimacy. “.

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In a letter sent, by way of example, Kermnitzer wrote in an opinion article published in Haaretz on March 11, 2019, entitled “The Right Deport the Truth”: “This is also the reason why no legitimate and serious question can be held in Israel: Are Palestinians attacks on military targets? Acts of terrorism. “

According to Karmnitzer, “the legitimacy of injury to IDF soldiers’ lives should be discussed.” This is included in the comments released this week, regarding a High Court ruling that allowed MK Hiba to fight for the Knesset: “The president (animals) reiterates a previous ruling. , According to which ‘terror and democracy are likened to fire and water, and cannot be coexisted’. This statement ignores the fact that Palestinian terrorism that does not belong to Hamas is not directed against Israeli democracy, but on the contrary: against an occupation regime in which there are no civil rights. “

Call for stars to condemn Prof. Karmnitzer’s comments // Photo: Coco

Karmnitzer believes that “there is Palestinian terror that can coexist with Israeli democracy.” And they ask “Who, for example – Palestinian Islamic Jihad? The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine? Individual Terror?”

The letter is signed by 70 senior officers in reserve, such as former college commander Gen. Gershon Cohen, former commander-in-chief of the army Gen. Yossi Becher, Brigadier General (res.) Harel Kanpo, Brigadier General (res.) Nehemiah Sokel, Col. (res. Tal Brown, Col. (res.) Yehuda Wagman and more.

That is why the security forces are calling on the chief of staff to “condemn these statements by Prof. Kramnitzer. To convey a clear message to IDF soldiers, including many of us who serve as reserve soldiers, that there is no legitimacy for harming them, and there is no discussion in Israeli society about justifying them. The blood of our soldier is not the lawless one. “

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