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Alitalia flight the one that landed this morning at the airport was a record-breaking one Malpensa. L’Alitalia flight AZ605 from New York JfK in Milan Malpensa (an aircraft Airbus A330) shattered the stopwatches, taking just 6 hours and 12 minutes to complete the journey from the United States to Italy tonight, compared to an average of just over seven hours. The particular meteorological condition of the winds of the Atlantic night favored all the planes flying in the area and so the plane of the Italian flag company with destination Milan Malpensa arrived with a record advance.New York-Rome in 6 hours and 38, record flight for an Alitalia plane

He is not the only one who cut the times last night. British Airways flight BA112, for example, covered New York-London in just 4 hours and 56 minutes (with a Boeing 747), while Virgin Atlantic VS4 flight took an extra minute (with an Airbus A350).

A record night on the Atlantic
Six and a half hours to connect New York to Rome, however, for the Alitalia AZ609 flight from John F. Kennedy airport to Fiumicino last night took “only” 6 hours and 38 minutes to cover the entire route. On average, to be clear, it takes seven and a half hours. A record, or almost. The Italian Boeing 777 (brands EI-DBM, renamed «Argentario») took off at 5.18 pm yesterday from New York (11.18 pm in Italy) and landed this morning on runway 16 left of Leonardo da Vinci at 5.56, with over an hour ahead of schedule. All of this was possible above all thanks to a particularly intense jet stream that blew (as always) from America to Europe. So much so that, driven by the wind and the engines, the Alitalia 777 – which flew over the ocean at an altitude of about 11 thousand meters – reached in some places the speed of 1,164 kilometers per hour compared to the ground (the so-called ground speed).

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