5-star hotel for seminars from Diyanet: Millions came out of the state’s safe


President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş chaired the provincial mufti meeting in the luxury hotel. 4 meetings were held between 15 January, 18-24 January, 27-30 January and 26 January-1 February. The meetings are still ongoing.


The meetings of Diyanet took place in luxury hotels in the region such as the 5-star non-alcoholic family hotel WOME Deluxe, Alan Xafira, Silence Beach Resort. Diyanet has large meeting rooms both in its center and in its newly built facilities. In addition to the huge conference room in Diyanet’s headquarters on Eskişehir Road, there are also halls in large facilities built just behind the center. The texts prepared by the Directorate General of Religious Education in relation to these meetings are as follows:

“The 12th Training Officers Seminar, which was organized to consult with the high specialized / training centers managers and training officers, was held in Antalya-Alanya between 27-30 January 2020. In-Service Training Seminar was held in Antalya / Manavgat between the dates of 18-24 January 2020 and 26 January-1 February 2020 for the teachers of 4-6 Age Group Qur’an Course. ”


According to the news of the spokesman Ali Ekber Ertürk; Stating that they had meetings in hotels due to the low bed capacity in their centers, Diyanet stated that the money given was also within the subsistence law.

The following statement came from Diyanet about the issue

“In-service training activities carried out by our Agency are carried out primarily in Training Centers. As the bed capacity of the Training Centers is 3 thousand and it provides continuous service with long-term vocational training, short-term seminar programs with numerically intense participation are held within the scope of the Allowances Law in suitable conditions outside the training centers. ”

While the mufti were meeting at the 5-star hotel, their spouses also did ‘Peace Class’ in another hall of the same hotel. Seher Erbaş, the wife of Ali Erbaş, announced this on social media.

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