300 orders to imprison a businesswoman who collected money and closed her 23 phones .. and vanished! Saudi News


Okaz learned that the Jeddah court issued 300 executive orders against a Saudi businesswoman, after she collected money and contributions from 400 people, and went into hiding. According to the information, the businesswoman is required to pay financial and investment contributions in millions of riyals. The executive order (“Okaz” obtained a copy of it) ordered the imprisonment of the businesswoman, who practiced her activity through an institution accredited in her name, and another in the name of her daughter, and a third registered in the name of one of her sons, but it was not possible to implement.The businesswoman had deluded her victims with real estate and financial investments, and promised them fake and weekly profits, and to obtain a fixed income, but she turned off all her mobile phones (23 phones) and disappeared! Okaz has seen copies of vouchers of up to 25 million riyals.

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