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Accused by his rivals of having bought his place in the American presidential election, treated as a gocentric billionaire, Michael Bloomberg is expected to face Wednesday the fires believed by other candidates for the democratic nomination during his first televised debate in the campaign.

The democratic debate, organized in the evening Las Vegas, in Nevada (3:00 am Thursday in Switzerland), promises to be heated between the candidates who hope to challenge the Republican Donald Trump during the presidential election in November.

The democratic candidates for the American presidential

The ninth richest man on the planet in 2019, Michael Bloomberg is running as a candidate able to rally in the center. The former mayor of New York and boss of the agency Bloomberg finances his candidacy shot hundreds of millions of dollars from his personal funds.

I have something to say Michael Bloomberg: Americans have had enough of billionaires buying elections, launched this weekend the freelance freelancer Bernie Sanders, favorite in the polls for the democratic primaries. It’s a shame that Mike Bloomberg can buy his place in the debates, added Tuesday the progressive sister Elizabeth Warren, calling him a gocentric billionaire.

Biden and Warren losing speed

Without yet having a single primary, Michael Bloomberg climbed to third place – out of eight contenders – from the average of the national polls, behind Bernie Sanders and former vice-president Joe Biden. The latter will play big during the debate, after two losses in the votes of Iowa and New Hampshire. Also losing momentum, Elizabeth Warren came fourth, followed by two moderates who, on the contrary, have been on the rise since these elections: the former mayor of South Bend Pete Buttigieg then the snatrice Amy Klobuchar.

After a very late entry into the campaign in November, Michael Bloomberg opted for an extremely rare strategy in the history of the American primaries: to ignore the first four states to vote in February (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and Caroline from South). At 78, he will therefore enter the race during Super Tuesday on March 3, when the next 14 states will vote.

300 million dj spent

By counting on these states rich in delegates, Michael Bloomberg thinks he can make up for his delay. Because it is he or she who obtains a majority of delegates (1991) who wins the party’s nomination. With a personal fortune estimated by Forbes around 60 billion dollars (59 billion francs), he has already spent more than 300 million in advertising spots that run in a loop.

Michael Bloomberg highlights his commitment to the fight against climate change and against violence by firearms that is ravaging the United States. But without convincing the left wing of the party which observes with hostility this former Republican who became independent before going democratic. Critics are also on the side of moderate candidates, who are indignant at old remarks and policies by Michael Bloomberg, perceived as discriminatory.

The former mayor thus apologized for having long defended the arbitrary arrests and searches (stop-and-frisk), accused of having caused an explosion of controls in the New York facis. He is now putting forward his proposals supposed to help minorities and has received the support of influential black men who greet his apologies and call for moving forward. Among democratic readers, only one objective prevails: to choose the candidate able to beat Donald Trump on November 3. And some people rightly see Michael Bloomberg as their best option.

Trump taunts

The two billionaires are already crossing iron on social networks. The Republican president regularly nicknamed the democratic candidate Mini Mike, alluding to his size (1.70m). On Tuesday, he also accused him, without evidence, of illegally buying the democratic nomination.

Michael Bloomberg gives it back, saying that the Republican is afraid to face the presidential. This self-made man is also ironic about the fortune of Donald Trump, whom he inherited from his father and badly spent.

The debate is held Wednesday in Nevada because this state of West America will organize Saturday the third vote of the primaries. Bernie Sanders leads the average of the few rare surveys in Nevada, followed by Joe Biden then Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg.

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