15 children died in the flames


A terrible tragedy has occurred in the past few hours ad Haiti where 15 children died following a devastating fire that destroyed the orphanage they lived in. The drama took place on Thursday evening in the town of Kenscoff, a municipality just south of the capital Port-au-Prince, in the western department. According to a first reconstruction, it would be a tragic accident, the pyre in fact would have accidental origin. The fire broke out around 9pm in a facility run by a nonprofit religious group based in Pennsylvania, United States. Overall, a two-storey building, apparently housed about sixty children, many of them very small. When first aid arrived on the spot, in the Fermathe area, it was too late for many of them.

Some children stayed trapped in the flames finding a horrible death. According to the director general of the Haitian Institute of Social Welfare, Arielle J. Villedroin, unfortunately among the victims are even some babies who had no chance of escaping the flames. About half of those who died were babies or young children while the rest were between 10 and 11 years old. According to a first hypothesis, it is probable that the candles that were used in the evening in the structure that had problems with the generator were likely to trigger the stake.

The organization that manages the orphanage already in the past has been at the center of many controversies over the poor hygiene and maintenance of its facilities. Controversy also over the aid that would have been slow to arrive and then employ over an hour and a half to put out the flames it is without any possibility to enter to save someone because without suitable equipment. Initially only thirteen bodies were recovered, the other two were only taken away on Friday afternoon.

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