Trade war between Israel and the PA: “We have nothing to lose, struggle to the end”


Trade war between the Palestinian Authority To Israel. Following the announcement of the defense minister Naftali Bennett Earlier today, he was ordered to arrest theImport The farmer from the Palestinian Authority of Israel also announced the same move, an immediate halt to the importation from Israel into the PA. These moves have a direct connection to the tense confrontation between Israel and the PA, following the publication of Trump’s Washington Plan this week in Washington, and the Israeli intention to annex some of itterritories.

Last year, Israeli exports came to close to $ 4 billion, while imports to about $ 900 million, mostly agricultural produce, ie a positive balance of trade with the Palestinian Authority, which means heavy damage to the Palestinian economy, much of which is agriculture, and a severe loss of revenue to Israeli exporters.

Bennett announced at noon that in response to the Palestinian boycott of Israeli cattle breeders – an order to halt agricultural imports from the Palestinian Authority into Israel. The statement said that the minister’s decision was made after months of repeated attempts by the defense establishment to resolve the calf crisis, which led to the severe and ongoing damage to the cattle breeders sector in Israel and the collapse of hundreds of farms in the industry.

For almost a year, the authority has been pursuing a policy of granting limited permits for importing calves from Israel, a branch that has held several dozen Israeli farms. Export of the calves to the PA was almost stopped, the meat prices there were said but the PA refused to give up. Some of the Israeli calf breeders collapsed financially and closed the breeding farm. The directive is expected to take effect on Sunday.

Bennett tweeted “If the PA removes the boycott by Sunday, there will be no need to stop agricultural imports. I believe in free trade and an open economy. The boycott of the cattle breeders began several months before I took up the post of defense minister, and we made attempts to solve it. We warned the PA, without it, removing the boycott – reopening the import. ”

Shortly thereafter, the Palestinian Authority informed the coordinator of operations in the Occupied Territories that it would immediately stop importing all goods from Israel into the Occupied Territories. According to Palestinian sources, Abu Mazen, who is staying in Cairo for consultations following the publication of Trump’s century plan, ordered the counter-boycott. One of his associates told the Globes: Bennett thought we would easily surrender? Now that it has become clear that Israel intends to annex more and more of our territories, we have nothing to lose, the struggle will be over.

The Palestinian export farmers who are in good contact with their Israeli counterparts and receive assistance and training will be the main casualties, and it is expected that they will put pressure on the PA to reach talks with Israel as the crops will not be able to wait more than a few days before they are lost. On the Israeli side, exporters to farmers, farmers, industrialists and traders are also expected to reach agreement.

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