The Trump plan will not bring peace but fulfill the right’s dreams


Century gift: The Trump plan will not bring peace, but will fulfill the right’s dreams
Photo: Reuters, edited by Tal Reznik
In the past week, since preparations for the Donald Trump administration’s plan to launch the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have begun, President Trump’s “century deal” has had countless versions and variations: century joke, century sting, century ambush, just choose. After presenting the program, the most accurate title seems to be the Trump administration’s “Centennial Gift.” First, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who faced the fateful election in his lifetime, and second, to the right in Israel and the United States, where the base of the two leaders is located.

In the tired room in the White House where the program was announced yesterday, many biblical images have been thrown away, a reminder that the plan is another product of the close alliance between the White House and the Netanyahu bureau based on the overlapping and cross political interests. Trump needs enthusiastic support from Evangelist Israel to To win a second term, and Netanyahu needs settlers and the right.

The plan, which sets the most friendly parameters Israel has ever known in the history of negotiations with the Palestinians, is not likely to bring about peace in our region or solve any Palestinian problem. It is difficult to call it even a “peace” plan, as it is formulated on one side only Although it draws a map with clear boundaries for a future Palestinian state that will reach 70% of the West Bank, it states that its capital will be in East Jerusalem and even transmit to the Palestinians some neighborhoods in the capital, but for the conditions of establishing this state it is difficult to see the forest. Would have put the right one on the back legs, but the chance Palestinians agree to meet or even part of the government’s demand approaches zero, as is the prospect that Israel will have to make any concessions on the ground. Therefore, the festivities on the right. The main and immediate meaning of the plan is one: American green light to apply immediate sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and all Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Like moving the embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Israeli sovereignty at the Golan Heights, the program primarily aligns with US policy on the terrain, shaped by the right-wing governments over the past decade, and stops the endless waiting for political negotiations to determine our borders and our future. Already on Sunday, Netanyahu intends to approve the government’s decision to apply Israeli law in these places, and if there is no legal opposition it will ride it all the way to the elections (even if there is legal opposition, by the way, to make such a dramatic move by a transitional government, it is Only serve the Likud and Netanyahu in their fight against the rule of officials and judges). Jared Kushner, the president’s adviser, was a bit chilled last night by saying he “didn’t think” that Israel would annex the Jordan Valley and other settlements on Sunday. But even if that doesn’t happen, in the short time left until the election, Netanyahu will market the tremendous achievements the Trump program has given Israel, demolishing the 67 lines, eliminating the right of return and the idea of ​​displacing localities, as a history named after him, which justifies his re-election.

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The latest circadian events will force Blue and White to think for the last month of the campaign. While Benny Gantz evaded Netanyahu’s ambush and survived his visit to Washington in zero harm, it is unclear what response he could give to the historic political agenda that Netanyahu intends to push until March 2, especially in a party that has a wide, and stuttered, political stance from Real Estate to Earth. After Gantz himself called on Netanyahu to apply sovereignty in the Jordan Valley in a government decision even before the election, he would find it difficult to criticize it, and in the end it would turn out he even contributed to it with his own hands, and even gave Trump the anti-Semitism allegation.

At the same time, Netanyahu’s announcement to withdraw his immunity request from the Knesset has dropped the ground under the intentions of blue-and-white to take over the agenda with the immunity debates. Although shortly after the request was withdrawn, for the first time in history, a prime minister was indicted on serious bribery, fraud and breach of trust allegations, but in the short period until the election, it is difficult to see the trial open and Netanyahu required to appear in court.

The “right” will also have to recalculate: Naftali Bennett, Bezalel Smutrich and Ayelet Shaked yesterday welcomed the settler-friendly plan, and warned only of the establishment of a Palestinian state. While Israel will be required to freeze some construction in the West Bank settlements intended for the same imaginary state, but in the face of the massive sovereignty that Netanyahu is planning, the right will have difficulty realizing the party’s name and keeping the settlers in their lap. Even so, all the party leaders have long given up on a value-based stance on Netanyahu’s corruption and have stood behind his immunity from back-to-wall backing. It is unclear why the right and the settlers vote for Bennett, if Netanyahu is the one who fulfills all his dreams.

The only party, other than the Likud, that can rubbish its hands with pleasure in the face of the century deal is Labor-Meretz, which was given a golden opportunity to differentiate itself from a white brush by posing real opposition to the plan, while Gantz and his friends, who would still try to wink to the right, would only drag on Netanyahu.

In America, by the way, the grandiose statements of Trump and Netanyahu failed to oust Trump’s impeachment process from the headlines, and the program is not branded as history but as yet another curiosity of the pro-Israeli administration. On the other hand, the plan is expected to stir Israel over the next five weeks. It is still early to see if and how it will decide the Israeli elections and whether it will cause some bingo movement to pull the country out of the plunder, but it will make it difficult for Blue and White to focus attention on Netanyahu’s legal situation and cast votes to the right. Trump’s century gift can give Netanyahu immunity from the counter campaign.

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