Mendelblit on annexation: “Let’s hear and decide”


After today’s indictment against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,
Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit
Speaking tonight (Tuesday) at a conference at the National Security Research Institute (INSS) in Tel Aviv, entitled “Strategic Assessment for Israel 2020 – Looking to the Next Decade”. He addressed the issue of annexation as presented in the “Century Deal”: “The government should help implement its policy, but be careful about restraining the transitional government. We will see what the urgency of the issue is. We will hear and decide.”

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The Yishuv responds to the possibility of annexation of the settlements (Photo: Barel Ephraim)

Avichai Mandelblit (Photo: Moti Kimhi)The Mendelblit Avichai(Photo: Moti Kimhi)

“I don’t know about such government decisions, it’s too early to know what a child’s day is,” Mandelblit said of the decision to annex the settlements. Q. My worldview is, I rely on generations, the late President Shamgar, I have to drive the government to implement the policy and there are rules, when it comes to a transitional government there must be strict restraint. And yet, as soon as the government turns around and asks for something, a week is a long time in Israel, it will be very fast. As soon as you get a request we will look into it. On the other hand, in the transitional government there are things that can be done and there have never been things, we will wait to hear what the request is if we come to this, see what the urgency is, why not wait until after the elections and on this basis we will make the decisions, I do not negate anything. ”

Shortly before, Netanyahu, who is in Washington, announced on Sunday that the government will decide to apply sovereignty to all settlements: In Israel and in coordination with the US, the Israeli law will be applied to additional territories. It will take some time. We will cancel the military administration over half a million Israelis in the settlements following the government’s decision. ”

The distribution proposal pMap of Israel according to the century deal

Netanyahu added: “After Israeli law is applied, all restrictions on construction and other issues that previously required US approval will be removed. Most of the illegal outposts are in areas that will remain in Israel. Israel will continue to control security in all areas of the West Bank. The Palestinians will not have an airport. For them in Ashdod and Haifa ports. Control of all border crossings will continue to be Israel’s. No one will be displaced from his home. American recognition prevents international sanctions against Israel to the extent of annexation. ”

Netanyahu after presentation of “century deal” (Photo: Reuters)

Mandelblit also referred to the indictment today against Netanyahu: “The immunity request was removed and therefore it was compulsory to file it immediately. The supreme principle is the rule of law.

Binyamin Netanyahu's decisions (Photo: Ohad Zugenberg)(Photo: Ohad Zugenberg)

Earlier, Prime Minister’s associates reacted strongly to the indictment. “If anyone had any doubt that there was an obsessive persecution against Prime Minister Netanyahu, he now has another clear proof of this,” the associates said. By the end of the historic summit in Wichiston, one of the most important in the history of the state.

Mandelblit filed the indictment at noon in the Jerusalem District Court hours after the prime minister withdrew his request for immunity from the Knesset. In addition to Netanyahu, Saul and Iris Elovich and Noni Moses are also involved in the 2000 and 4000 cases. Netanyahu is charged with receiving bribes in Case 4000 (Bezeq-Walla affair), and fraud and breach of trust in Case 1000 (favors from Arnon Milchan) and Case 2000 (Bibi-Noni talks).

The Ministry of Justice said that Article Four of the Knesset Immunity Law states that once a Knesset member withdrew his application for immunity, he was the same as a person. Therefore, the Attorney General pledged to file the indictment with the court as soon as a decision is taken on his trial.

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