He told his first night with his 45 years young love! The mouth of the server remained open


When the 80-year-old woman told her first night live broadcast with her 35-year-old lover, the servers were surprised by what she would do and got into shape. Woman morning He expressed that he could not walk when he woke up.

Social media, 80-year-old Iris Jones, 45 years apart, and her Egyptian lover 35-year-old Mohammed Ahmedswayed with his interesting relationship. The popular couple announced that they will get married soon.

Iris Jones listens to those who say that the young man was with him for his money. Describing her relationship in a live broadcast, the woman included quite a few details as if she wanted to prove that she was true love.

Iris Jones (80) and her Egyptian lover Muhammed Ahmed (35)


The woman told her night with her boyfriend, who is 45 years old, with the following words:

“When I woke up the next morning, I could not walk. It was as if I was riding a horse all night.”

Watching these explanations open-mouthed, British program hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield went into shape, shocked.


The woman who got her marriage approval from her 70-year-old mother, Cairoand will marry his Egyptian lover.

Iris Jones met Muhammed Ahmed Irbriham on Facebook. The 80-year-old woman, living in Weston-Super-Mare, England, traveled to Egypt to meet the 35-year-old Egyptian Irbriham.

When the conversation of the duo, who met while chatting in a group on Facebook, darkened immediately, 80-year-old Iris found herself on a plane to Egypt.


Iris, who went to Cairo and met the 35-year-old Egyptian man, says that the age of 45 is not important among them and that Muhammad Ahmed Irbriham was immediately shot.

Iris also met her 70-year-old mother of her lover, who was originally Gizeli, and asked for permission to meet Mohammed. As soon as the couple met, they decided to marry in Cairo.

40 years have passed since Iris left her first husband. The old woman has not put anyone in her life ever since.

Iris has two sons, Steve, 54, and Darren, 53. The old woman’s sons are worried about their mothers’ coexistence.

Steve and Darren warned their mothers against what might happen, but Iris says she is sure that her lover is not after her money or her British passport.

“I wish him good luck if he marries me for my fortune. Because I’m not rich.” says. The old woman says that she has devoted her life to making others happy until now, and that she wants to live happily until her death.

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: 45 years old, he told his first night with his love! The mouth of the server remained open

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