Coronavirus, it also takes Moscow. Here are all the fake news from the Russian media


Coronavirus is a biological weapon created in the United States to bring China back into line after the tariff war. This is the hypothesis put forward by the Marxsovranist turbophilosopher Diego Fusaro on La7 at Coffe break. «It is a particularly intelligent and shrewd virus since it emerges at the moment of maximum criticality of the relationship between the United States and China: it is bringing China to its knees. If it were not a virus, it would be thought that it has a pro-Atlanticist strategic intelligence ». And then: «the virus does exist. It surprised me a lot that it was treated as something natural, like an earthquake, neglecting the political background: we are now in the time of bacteriological wars and chemical weapons. As a philosopher I raise doubts ». But yesono the same doubts that are bouncing from various Russian media.

Komsomolskaya Pravda, for example. After the dissolution of the USSR, the former official body of young Communists became an independent sheet which, however, maintains much of the old political line, in particular of hostility to the United States. It is not a marginal newspaper, but the best-selling one in Russia, and already in January 2015 he wrote for example that behind the massacre of Charlie Hebdo the United States could have lived there. On January 28, he precisely headlined not only that “China could be hit with genetic weapons”, but also: “rumors are circulating that the mysterious coronavirus is a” racial bomb “that affects only Mongolians.”

In reality, the article is much less incendiary than the title. It is an interview with Elena Larina, chief analyst at a systems and strategic analysis institute. His hypothesis is twofold: “in the worst case the first joint use of biological and information weapons, and in the least brutal the onset of an information war against China through the cynical use of tragic events”. Alla Fusaro, observe that strangely, the beginning of the epidemic coincided with the final part of the negotiations between China and the United States on a trade agreement». He added, however, that there was also “a discussion about the changes of people at the top in the main provinces and regions of China”. “It is very painful for Beijing to have a coronavirus outbreak. Wuhan is China’s largest logistics center, where the country’s air, rail, river and truck services converge. Chinese scholars compare its meaning with the role of Moscow’s transport in Russia. ”

It must be said that immediately after the analyst warns from vulgar conspiracy theories» that behind every problem in the world see the Anglo-Saxons, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and other dark forces». However, since “the modern world is very complex” the “beneficiaries … most likely are not the organizers of biotechnological attacks”. In short, Elena Larina explains that the coronavirus is convenient for Trump; that in China there is an acute internal political struggle with Xi Jinping who sent three members of the Politburo and the former chief of staff to life imprisonment; that “each new viral threat leads to a sharp drop in the shares of some companies and a rapid increase in the quotas and profits of the giant pharmaceutical companies”. But “almost with a 100% probability it can be argued” that the order to use biological weapons “was not given by any of the major leaders of any country in the world, including the United States”. Your kindness, Elena Larina believes that today’s world is “too transparent” to be able to run such a risk of image: “for such a leader, his government and the party”.

However, he adds that «our planet has become much more dangerous with the advent of cyber, cyber and biotechnological weapons», that unlike nuclear power … they are almost impossible to limit and control». Anyone can buy them on the “open market”. “Not only terrorists”, but also subjects who act “both to ensure their interests, including commercial ones, and to try to please those in power”. The analyst insists that “it is difficult to establish with 100% certainty who committed the attack”. But according to her attack was. And at this point it is the interviewer who remembers that on Chinese TV they showed the analysis of a scientist according to which “Sars was developed by the CIA specifically to kill the Chinese and not infect the Japanese”. And the title was made on this.

He has fewer doubts Svobodnaya Press: a portal, which for example when Zbigniew Brzezinski died attributed to him apocryphal anti-Russian aphorisms. According to a title also of January 28, «Coronavirus: found a patent that provides the British trace in 2019-nCoV The British have their hand in a new dangerous pneumonia»). In reality it is a “mash” of the news, which at a certain point, however, recalls how the western press “has already started writing about the new 2019-nCoV coronavirus, as a biological weapon that allegedly exploded due to an escape from a secret laboratory in Wuhan ». In short, denounces Western conspiracy, trying to prove that the reality of Wuhan’s laboratory was perfectly safe.

So why are Anglo-Saxons pointing a finger at the Chinese?», he asks. The answer is in a Russian expression that in Italian we could render as “straw tail”. “The fact is that the United States Department of Justice on June 23, 2015 issued to the scientists of the Pirbright Institute (formerly Animal Health Institute, England) patent no. 10,130,701 for the invention of live attenuated coronavirus containing a variant of the polypotein encoding replicase variant containing a mutation in one or more non-structural proteins (nsp) -10, nsp-14, nsp-15 or nsp- 16 ‘. So, molecular biologists saw structural details similar to 2019-nCoV on the electron microscope image of the English invention “.” “Therefore, a special mutation in clandestine laboratories could theoretically lead to the emergence of a new type of pneumonia. Access to this virus of origin was not only Chinese, but also British and American. So those conspiracy theory advocates who write on the forums that “2019-nCoV is a biological weapon developed by the British, even if they pursue scientific goals, are not so far from the truth.”

As China is rapidly becoming a global research center, some scientists and politicians fear that this will accelerate the atrophy of genetic science in the West and lead to a near monopoly where customers for major disease research and drug tests are becoming overly dependent on a country». “A leak from a Chinese laboratory is impossible, but the 2019-nCoV coronavirus, which causes a new type of pneumonia, began its march on the planet right from the city of Wuhan, where you study a pathogen that could change (naturally or experimentally ) in the present biological weapons. It is logical to assume that the ‘loss’, which in reality was not, is advantageous, first of all, for competitors in the face of the pharmaceutical giants of the United States and Great Britain. It is therefore not surprising that the Western media campaign has the nature of a public relations campaign in order to inflate an international scandal. ” In reality, the article concludes that probably the virus was not created by any scientist – neither English, Chinese, or anything else. Instead he supports the hypothesis of bats eaten by snakes then eaten by the Chinese: a scenario that in fact comes from Chinese scientists, but which has sparked accusations of “racism” towards various western media that reported it.

The hypothesis that the hand is rather from the United States was made on January 27, 2020 by Ren Tv: a broadcaster that has over 120 million viewers. In fact the title of the service is open: «Mutation, clandestine laboratory or provocation: where the coronavirus comes from». He also recalls that “snakes and even bats are referred to as carriers in China – both are eaten by local residents.” But then there is an interview with a military expert named Igor Nikulin, “Former member of the United Nations Commission on Biological and Chemical Weapons”, according to which «Judging from the fact that this happened in China, it seems that it is against China. It all seems like sabotage. First of all, this is the city of Wuhan – it is the center of the country, an important transport hub, and now also the Chinese New Year: hundreds of millions of Chinese will travel across the country to relatives, acquaintances and so on ». It should be remembered that the United States is one of the countries “studying the agents of deadly diseases more closely”, and that biotechnology is “dual-use: it can be used to cure, it can be used to kill”. Consequently this epidemic it can be useful for American companies that are developing this type of new disease for profit only. Or maybe for the Americans themselves, because America is the only country that has 400 military biological laboratories around the world, not only in Russia, but also around China, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines – l the American army works everywhere ».

The title itself explains that American technology and virus outbreaks are just a business. Alexander Dudchak» in a January 27 report on News Front: a site and agency operating from Crimea to support its annexation. In fact, there is talk of a video intervention by an economist and political scientist who focuses mainly on defining the Maidan Revolution “an armed coup d’état”. But the opportunity to draw “a parallel with other outbreaks of infections that periodically ignite all over the world, while the US laboratories are located in different parts of the world, is not to be missed. As a result, American technology and virus outbreaks are just a business and nobody cares about ordinary people. ”

Also on January 27 is a service by Tsargrad TV: a broadcaster very close to the Orthodox church that aspires to be a sort of Russian Fox News, and which was launched thanks to the advice of the Fox News producer Jack Hanick. “$ 100 billion for the epidemic: Dr. Myasnikov suggested who benefits from the panic around the coronavirus,” is the headline. Actually then the interview with the doctor Alexander Myasnikov reassures that there is no need to worry too much. “About $ 100 billion was spent on ‘curbing the SARS-Co epidemic’ in the early 2000s. Although over 18 years, only about 700 people died. About the same amount of deaths from ordinary flu. ” The concept is that alarmism is being spread widely because “the big pharmaceutical companies” benefit from it.

On January 25, however, it was Kanal 5 of St. Petersburg who explained that the virus has an artificial origin» and that would be a biological weapon». The same day that the leader of the Russian extreme right Vladimir Zhirinovsky he says the coronavirus is neither more nor less than an “American provocation”, with statements re-launched by the state agency Ria Novsti. But maybe the definitive information is that of Ukraina.RU: a site created by Ria Novosti precisely to make known the official Russian point of view on Ukraine. Quite simply, the title of a report on January 24 informs us: «Noble lady in a seaside town. The Chinese coronavirus was predicted by Nostradamus. ” In short, everything was known for five centuries …

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