Yuval Shmela and Alex Haznov advanced to the finals of the European Climbing Championships


After a week of strenuous competition, the two Israeli climbers, Yuval Shmela and Alex Haznov, qualified for the European Championship finals. The two climbers are a step away from getting the long-awaited ticket to the Tokyo Olympics and will compete tomorrow (Saturday) in both the best climbers in Europe and each other, as there is only one ticket left for the Games, which will be awarded only first place.

Shamla and Haznov competed today in the combined qualifiers, the “great battle” of the climbing world, speed climbing (speed) in the morning, bouldering at noon and transport in the evening. After a mediocre opening for the two Israeli competitors, Shamla, who finished 20th in speed and only 11th in bouldering, was very far from the chance to finish the qualifiers between the top eight, but gave a heroic display in the lead while taking first place in the end, which gave him the Fourth place in the overall summary.

Haznov climbed to the bouldering end with an amazing purpose display of 4 tops (track finishes) and first place in the end, which raised him to fourth place in the overall weighting. In the lead, Alex finished in 16th place overall, which put him in eighth place and on the verge of the final tomorrow. The tension continued until the end of the lead and after a number of his opponents fell early on the track, his place in the final was confirmed.

Alex Haznov | CFR, Leonid Zhukov

After the competition concluded Filled: “It’s not over until it’s not over! Even in moments when you feel you are down and the chances are low it is important to believe and recognize your true abilities. I knew I could fix in the lead and I gave it my all. I am as happy right now as I have been in my life.”

Yuval who is full | CFR, Leonid Zhukov


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