“You must be murdered”: A resident of Tel Aviv is charged with threatening to kill and injuring …


The 26-year-old man is accused of threatening ministers and policemen, including Transport Minister Regev and Coalition Chairman Miki Zohar. • In one of the comments on Twitter, he threatened:


Photography: Reuters

A 26-year-old Tel Aviv resident is charged with threats of murder and sexual assault against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his family, as well as against ministers and police officers. Among other things, he wrote on Twitter: “Netanyahu will also bereave his sons and wife and all his supporters will die like the Jews in the Holocaust.” In response to a tweet from journalist Ben Caspit, he threatened: “We will reach you in person or you will resign.”

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Police cyber investigators detailed that the same person posted 16 harsh threats against those public figures and their family members. Following this, he was arrested last Friday for questioning and an indictment was filed against him. Defendant opened 2 Twitter accounts through which he posted and responded to posts with harsh threatening remarks over the past two months.

In September he wrote: “I am coming to the demonstrations in Balfour. A policeman, a policeman, I want to see there a hand raised, caught on camera, we will not go to the DIP That too, and then we will send it to his cell phone. “

“Netanyahu will also berate his sons and wife or they will berate him and all his supporters will die like the Jews in the Holocaust,” he wrote about two weeks ago in response to a Twitter post by journalist Ben Caspit. He added: “Nazis should murder you and I incite violence and murder any corrupt son of a bitch like Bibi, Miri Regev and Mickey Zohar, you stinking Palestinian neo-Nazis – we will reach out to you personally or you will resign.”

Defendant also issued threatening remarks to police officers and police. “Just as the GSS and the police know how to conduct searches and missing persons and know where everyone is and lives,” he wrote. They have the children, we will burn them alive. “


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