Yaakov Yosovov is the father accused of lightly killing his toddler son – Channel 20


The prosecutor’s office decided this morning (Sunday) to accuse the father of the baby from the south of killing lightly and not of killing. The baby was brought by his father to the hospital several weeks ago with a bruise and injured all over his body in a serious condition and did not explain to the medical staff how the injuries were caused. After attempts to stabilize his condition, the baby was pronounced dead at the hospital.

During the interrogation, the mother, who was initially arrested on suspicion of involvement in the abuse, confessed and said that the father shook the baby. Against the background of the toddler’s mother’s confession, the father is accused of assaulting the baby and causing him brain damage.

The indictment states that the woman’s interrogation revealed a “aggressive pattern of the respondent’s behavior toward the baby,” and that she described two cases in which he treated him with physical violence, and in one of them he shook him with his head down. “In that case, after crying and commenting to the respondent about his behavior, the respondent angrily threw the baby on the couch and left the house.” The indictment states that he confirmed these cases.

If the baby was released under house arrest early last week after the pathology report determined she did not directly cause her son to die. The report pointed to the suspicion that the father shook his son and caused fatal injuries, which removed the murder suspicion clause from her. At this stage, the possibility of not filing an indictment against her is also being considered. However, the mother is still suspected of knowing about the father’s actions – and was afraid to report them.


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