‘Wouldn’t surprise me if Gravenberch is used as a striker’


David Endt does not think it strange if Ryan Gravenberch is used as a striker in the future, the former Ajax team manager tells Tuttosport. The Dutchman plays the ‘8’ position with the team from Amsterdam.

In that place, Gravenberch is a fixed force in Ajax’s selection this season. Due to his stormy development, the midfielder is often compared to Paul Pogba. Ryan, just like Pogba, has long legs and a lot of potential. There are physical similarities, but Gravenberch is not yet at the level of the French in that area. Ajax’s midfielder is a pure talent. A real gem. And to think that he was criticized at the time of Young Ajax. ‘

“It was said that he was a bit slow to achieve something with the ball,” Endt continues about the period in the U21 team. But the truth is, those few critics were misled by Gravenberch’s gigantic physique. Believe me, I have seen Clarence (Seedorf, ed.) And so many other Ajax champions make their debut, but Gravenberch is the only one who is ‘ripe’, because he has something special. It’s a diamond and the higher the level, as he shows in the Champions League, the more it grows. Over the past twelve months, he has made tremendous progress. He’s already in the Dutch national team and, besides the resemblance to Pogba, he has something that reminds me of the young Frank Rijkaard. ‘

Gravenberch has been playing as a midfielder since the youth of Ajax. Yet Endt does not think it is a strange idea if a trainer uses the Ajax player as a striker in the future. ‘He’s a total midfielder. He can play anywhere in that line, because he is dynamic, he can give an assist and has a nose for goal. He will be a top player in midfield, but in the future it would not surprise me if a trainer put him in the forefront. ‘

Juventus in Barcelona

Gravenberch has recently been frequently associated with a transfer to Juventus or FC Barcelona. The former team manager thinks that Ajax’s midfielder fits both teams. ‘The Ajax school is integrated in Barcelona, ​​but with his stature he would also fit well with Juventus. I hope he will stay in the Netherlands for another year or two, so that he can grow up at Ajax. Whichever club Gravenberch goes to, that club will certainly have a great deal. After all, it is no coincidence that at the age of eighteen you end up in the list of twenty finalists of the Golden Boy of Tuttosport. I say it from my own experience: the first to triumph, in 2003, was Van der Vaart. I was Ajax’s team manager at the time and I remember how satisfied the boy was with the prestigious international recognition. ‘

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