Winner’s Cup: The program for returning the crowd


The director of the Basketball Premier League addressed the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture and Sports once again this morning (Tuesday), requesting an audience entry in the Winner’s Cup final between Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Holon, which will be held in about a month, on December 26.

The principal presented an orderly program that would allow fans to enter the Heichal Shlomo hall in Tel Aviv, subject to a negative corona test valid up to 72 hours before the game opens. Through an app and from the buffets only collection will be possible, special ushers will maintain order and regulate the amount of people in the toilets and of course the departure at the end of the game will be done by ushers and not independently. basket.

In addition to the presentation regarding the Shlomo Hall in Tel Aviv, the director raised another possibility for the Ministry of Health and Sports to hold a Winner’s Cup final with an audience in the city of Eilat. As stated, Eilat is currently considered a green island and therefore a request was submitted for the game to be held in the southern city, with the clear condition of presenting a valid negative corona test, up to 72 hours before the opening time of the game.

Fans will be required to wear a mask throughout their stay and the role of ushers will be to enforce a two-meter social distance guard in queues at buffets and restrooms. Between each and every fan there will be a duty of two chairs separating them and a nuclear family will have the option to purchase up to 10 tickets.


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