Why so many pregnant couples are in Buy Without Watching


In Buy Without Looking Martijn and his team of house hunters come to the rescue. As the title suggests, the future residents will not see their new home until they have signed the purchase contract. Although every week it is a surprise where the KZKteam comes along, one thing is certain: the end result always exceeds all expectations.

Where you can also set the clock right away is that the participating couple is almost always looking for a 1930s house, construction work is carried out for thousands of euros by contractor Bob, stylist Roos goes for daring colors and a bell is made with the question of whether there really isn’t any more money. Viewers on Twitter even keep special bingo cards!

Something that also causes bewilderment every Monday is that almost all couples are pregnant or reveal that they are expecting a child halfway through the program. Often to the surprise of presenter Martijn, but not of the people at home. ‘Actually it should Pregnant Without DIY should be called ‘, someone jokes. Another dolt: ‘I’m really never going to participate Buy Without Looking. You’ll be pregnant before you know it. ‘

Besides the fact that almost all couples are pregnant, viewers also notice the lack of diversity. ‘The Netherlands consists of more people than just white straight couples with a desire to have children / pregnant woman / small children looking for a house’, someone says to Martijn, who agrees that she is absolutely right.

‘We just have to choose from the couples who sign up. Should we seek out diversity ourselves and force people to participate? ‘ said the presenter. ‘As for pregnancy; that is exactly the reason for most people to move. ‘

Besides Martijn, Bob is the major force behind the successful housing program. Buyers who have too many demands are addressed rigorously but fairly and Bob manages to turn the most hopeless hut into a palace. And in the meantime, many women fall head over heels for the charming contractor. But they don’t stand a chance …

Buy Without Looking can be seen every Monday at 8.30 pm on RTL4 and can be seen back and forward at Videoland.


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