Who took the mysterious object placed in the middle of the desert?


The monolithic mystery in the Utah desert recently took a bizarre turn after it became clear that the mysterious object had disappeared. Less than a week after it was reported by Utah Wildlife Service staff, the metallic bone is gone – and just as no one knows who put it there, so no one knows who took it.

In a message posted on the Utah Department of Real Estate’s Facebook account, it was reported that the monolith was apparently taken on the night between Friday and Saturday. It was further emphasized in the announcement that the department had not evacuated the bone and that they had no authority to investigate theft cases. Currently, no complaint has been filed with the local sheriff’s office for theft.

The mysterious object, dubbed the “monolith” inspired by the MDA movie “Odyssey in Space,” was found Nov. 18 in the Moab Desert, southern Utah. The mission, referring to the bizarre discovery in a conversation with the KSL news agency and said: “One of the biologists first recognized him while we were flying over him. He said: ‘Turn around, turn around! “There’s something there, we have to go and look at it.”

The exact location of the monolith was never released by authorities for fear it would cause the curious to get lost in the desert. Despite this, a few days after the mysterious object was exposed, its location was revealed on the Reddit site after travelers were able to locate it independently – including David Surber, who posted a video of himself alongside the strange object.

In a video he posted on his Instagram account, Surber closely documented the monolith and conducted several tests at the request of surfers. In the video description he wrote: “Here are the facts: it’s made of aluminum. It’s not magnetic. It’s made of three parts that are connected to each other.” Beyond that, he added that the monolith is hollow and “sounds like cardboard when knocked on.”

Speaking to CNN, Surber said the monolith had a good effect on the area’s residents – whether man-made or alien. He added: “The monolith has given people a chance to spend their time on something positive. On an adventure. It was an amazing escape from all the negativity we are experiencing in 2020.” Now, the last remnant of the monolith is currently standing in its place – an aluminum triangle that was probably the top or base of the mysterious bone.


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