Where is Israel in relation to the world in the mortality rate from Corona?


The National Security Headquarters today (Sunday) published an up-to-date status report regarding the spread of the corona epidemic in Israel. According to the report to date, close to 5 million corona tests have been performed in Israel and 314,550 patients have been identified, of whom 301,724 have recovered. The actual number of patients now stands at 10,275 with 415 of them in critical condition and 171 respirators. To date, 2,551 people have died from the disease. According to the report, the world mortality rate is 2.6 percent of all those infected, but in Israel the mortality rate is only 0.8 percent. The highest mortality rate is in Mexico and stands at 9.9 percent among those infected.

In a weekly summary, the authors of the report state that, as every weekend, a small number of tests were performed yesterday (7,973) and 218 infections were diagnosed, while in practice the percentage of carriers of all new tests is 2.8%. In the Arab sector, the rate of positive respondents is 7.2 percent, in the ultra-Orthodox sector 6.1%, and in the general sector only 1.4%.

Last week, 151 people died from the virus, with the daily average standing at 21 deaths, a decrease from the previous week which averaged 28 dead per day.

There is also a significant decrease in the number of severe patients with 415 compared to 512 last week. Also in the number of hospitalized patients sleeps with 728 compared to 1,011. A more moderate but existing declining trend is in the number of respirators, which stands at 171 compared with 189, and in the number of patients in a moderate condition, which stands at 122 compared to 163.

The declining trend allowed the State of Israel to enter today the second phase of the exit plan, which includes the opening of first-fourth grades. One-on-one treatments can also be performed in hairdressers, cosmetics, complementary medicine and the operation of B & Bs for nuclear families. At this stage it is also possible to hold training and competitions for competitive athletes, children and youth; Prayer and events such as a wedding, party, organized trip or ceremony allow up to 10 people in the building or 20 people in an open space. The only places in the country that remain red at the moment are Majdal Shamas and the settlement of Bu’ina-Nujidat, where first-fourth grades will not open.

In terms of enforcement, it seems that the public internalized the state’s instructions and according to the report last week, there was a decrease in the number of reports given about not wearing a mask every day. To illustrate last week, an average of 1,370 reports were given every day, while this week there was a drop to less than 1,000 reports a day.

A similar situation exists among businesses in Israel that have begun to pay even more attention to regulations. In fact last week about 60 reports a day were given to businesses and in the last week no such high number of reports was recorded.


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