We will not cooperate with the reorganization


The workers’ committees at Elisra announced today (Sunday) to Elbit’s management that they will not cooperate with the plan to reorganize the company that was exposed in Calcalist, and will, among other things, transfer the subsidiaries of Elisra and El Op to joint management.

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In a letter sent to Bezalel (Muddy) by Elis’ President and CEO, and Edgar Maimon, Elisha’s CEO, the employees write: “This notice was published to the public without being presented and brought to the preliminary discussion and consent of the Committees Forum. .

CEO of Elbit Systems Bezalel Machlis Photo: Uriel Cohen

In contrast to the aerospace industry, which has had a strong and influential staff committee for decades, Elbit Systems does not have such a committee, except for the subsidiaries Elisra, which deals with electronic warfare and intelligence, and El-Op, which deals with electro-optical systems.

Although McCallis said in an interview with Calcalist that the cancellation of the intelligence and UAV brigade would not lead to layoffs, and Elbit announced that Elisra and El-Op would maintain their independence under joint management, the workers’ unions claim that the move would actually undermine Elisra’s independence.

“We strongly oppose the absorption of Elisra into El-Op in such a way that an integrated intelligence unit will be created and coordinated. We will not agree to the annexation and liquidation of Elisra into another subsidiary. We also strongly oppose the joint management of Elisra and El-Op and the appointment of joint CEOs for the two companies under a unified intelligence division, especially when it is only intended to prepare the ground for the end of Edgar Maimon’s role as CEO at Elisra at the end of 2021.

“The changes are unprecedented, and will severely damage Elisra’s business, managerial and operational independence. They have far-reaching and dramatic implications for workers’ rights, and first and foremost a real fear of widespread cuts among workers due to synergies and the abolition of functions.”

In conclusion, the employees demand that the management present the changes to them, and negotiate with them before they are implemented.

No response was received from Elbit.


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