Watch: Maccabi Tel Aviv is perfect with 81:98 over Nahariya


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We already thought we were on our way to a huge surprise in Ein Sara, but in the end, the order remained intact. Maccabi Tel Aviv remained perfect tonight (Sunday) in the Premier League, with 81:98 over Nahariya, on the way to a 0: 4 balance in the local league. On the other hand, Danny Franco’s team, unfortunately, also maintained its balance on the way to 5: 0, in a rematch from the first round.

Scored for Nahariya: Joe Alexander 21, Dominic Waters 17 (8 assists), Jarron Blossomgim 16 (7 rebounds), Kaylin Lucas 14, Devon Scott 7, Or Leumi 4, Nir Misgav 2.

Scored for Maccabi Tel Aviv: Elijah Bryant 25 (6 rebounds), Othello Hunter 18 (8 rebounds), Oz Blazer 13, Chris Jones (8 rebounds and 7 assists) and Angelo Cloiaro (5 rebounds and 6 assists) 9 each One, Sandy Cohen 8, Dragon Bender 6, John Dibertolomao 5, Dori Sahar 4, Omri Caspi 11:09 minutes, 2 assists and a rebound.

Yannis Sapropoulos did not register Scotty Wilbkin, Tyler Dorsey and Ante Žižić for the game, in addition to the injured Idan Albert, and without them, Maccabi Tel Aviv can mainly mark the good start with 3:14, and a 4:21 run in the last minutes, Which reflected the level and position differences between the groups.

In between, the leader from Tel Aviv did not really make the list, and in the end, the big advantage was expressed in rebounds on both sides of the field, where she defeated Nahariya 20:42, and also in assists she led with 27 against 16. Above them all was Elijah Bryant with 25 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, while Othello Hunter also contributed with 19 points and rebounds. Oz Blazer, who was responsible for the good start, scored 13, and Omri Caspi continued with his return to matters with 11 minutes in which he did not score, but took down a rebound and handed out two assists.

Nahariya, on the other hand, returned its weakest league opener since 2014/15, with 5: 0, but it can certainly be pleased with the ability it showed, especially in the second quarter, where it won 22:27, and in the third, which it tied with the leader. The host put in a great game off the arc Joe Alexander was her outstanding scorer with 21 points, Dominic Waters also stood out with 17 points and 8 assists and John Blosomgimi who finished with 16 and 7 rebounds.

In the next round, Maccabi Tel Aviv will host Holon at the Toto Hall on Saturday, with the aim of going up to 0: 5, and two days before that, they expect a home game in the Euroleague against the Red Star, in order to achieve a fourth victory in the factory. On the other hand, Nahariya, which can take quite a few positive things from today’s game, will try to finally achieve its first victory on Saturday, so it will host Maccabi Haifa, which also does not enjoy a brilliant season opener.

the progress of the game
Nahariya started in a quintet with Dominic Waters, Kaylin Lucas, Jaron Blossomgim, Joe Alexander and Devon Scott, Maccabi Tel Aviv with Chris Jones, Elijah Bryant, Oz Blazer, Omri Caspi and Othello Hunter. Blazer, and five more of Bryant, raised the Yellows to a quick 3:10, en route to 3:14. Nahariya managed to get into the game, led by Lucas and Alexander managed to shrink to 19:15. The Northern team continued its 4:12 run. On the way to just one point behind, 21:20, but Bender’s dunk ended the quarter with 20:23 yellow.

Blazer led the visitors to 30:22 at the start of the quarter, but Scott led a comeback to 32:28, and Waters with a great quarter, rode the momentum and led Franco’s side to a 39:43 lead, but Cloiaro managed to stop the run from shrinking a bit To-47:45 On the way down to the break.

Maccabi Tel Aviv started the second half with 0: 6, when Bryant scored four of the points, but Nahariya responded with a 0: 8 run that included two threes by Alexander. Hunter did respond to Bali Op the other side, but another three, this time by Lucas, set a 53:58 purple that caused Sapropoulos to call a timeout. Nahariya continued on their own, but Bryant’s seven consecutive points restored the champion’s advantage on the way to 61:63. Scott and Blossomgies have turned again, but Dibertolomao’s basket is the permanent buzzer 65:65 At the end of the quarter.

The close and fickle game continued in the decisive quarter, with quite a few threes from both teams on the way to 75:75, but then, the champion started with a 2:10 run, which ended with two points for Jones, on the way to 77:85. Nahariya did try to respond, but from here it could not really come back and the group of Sapropoulos walked for a minute to81:98 Yellow at the end.


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