Waregem’s residential care center is preparing 7 rooms for COVID-19 patients from nearby hospitals.


The residential care center says it can organize everything safely. “The COVID-19 patients end up in isolated rooms,” says Herpels. “There they will be able to recover from their period in the hospital. The patients will also be brought in through a separate entrance. There will therefore be no contact with other residents.”

“We want to show solidarity, in the first place with the OLV of Lourdes hospital in Waregem, which also often helped us during the first corona wave. That was a difficult period for us. In total 62 people died here. extra staff from the hospital, because there was a lot of drop-out at our place. The hospital also helped us to get the necessary equipment. We received extra training. It is only natural that we now also help them out. Tomorrow will come the first patient to us. “


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