VVD member Dijkhoff thinks discussion whether or not to vaccinate ‘biza …


Image: Hollandse Hoogte / ANP

VVD party chairman Klaas Dijkhoff finds the discussion about whether or not to vaccinate against the corona virus “bizarre”. He is not in favor of an obligation, but does think that everyone should get the injection as soon as it is available. “Choose for yourself, but choose to do it,” he says during an online VVD event from Ede.

“We should thank science for having it and stand in line for it,” he says of the promising vaccines that several companies are still working hard on. “Be glad that protection is there, and protect each other as well.”

Dijkhoff says he understands that people want to know how it is possible that the pharmaceutical industry is already so advanced with a vaccine, while it normally takes years. But he points out that an abnormal amount of work has also been put into this in recent months

“The whole world is a potential victim, the virus is spreading like crazy, the economic damage to society is enormous,” says Dijkhoff. “I think there has never been so much pressure, so many resources and so much will to come up with a vaccine.”

Party colleague Hayke Veldman said during a corona debate in the Lower House last week that he can imagine that it will have consequences if people do not get vaccinated. However, such an ‘indirect duty’ meets with much resistance from other parties.


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