Virologists and healthcare sector respond with relief to Consultation Committee: ‘Brave and foresight’


Margot Cloet, managing director of Zorgnet-Icuro, is satisfied with the decisions of the Consultation Committee. These are necessary in order not to increase the burden on the healthcare sector even more.

“The government is continuing on a path,” she says. “I can fully agree with that. At the same time, I hold my heart, because the number of patients in intensive care is still high (More than a thousand ic beds were still taken on Thursday, YV). Because there are still so many covid patients, a lot of care for others is still being delayed. ”

Biostatistician Geert Molenberghs (KU Leuven / Hasselt) is also happy that we are not really relaxing yet. “In Germany, they will allow gatherings of up to ten people at Christmas parties,” says Molenberghs. “It wouldn’t be wise to do that here too. It’s hard on everyone. But we must not throw away what we have already acquired – no matter how important those holidays are. We will then reap the benefits at the beginning of next year. ”

Real easing would not be possible until mid-January, the press conference said. According to Molenberghs, the bar set by Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke could be reached in January. “And then more can be done. If, on the other hand, we would end up with a third wave at that moment, we would be much further away from home. ”

Shops and border controls

In the meantime, it is therefore a matter of still properly complying with the current measures. Molenberghs thinks border controls are a good thing. And we are going to have to be very careful about the reopening of the shops, says Erika Vlieghe, who calls the difficult decisions of politics “brave and foresight”.

“Shopping should be done as safely as possible,” says Vlieghe. “This will require great efforts from the retailers and the local authorities. In any case, we must avoid situations such as we saw on Sunday shopping in Antwerp. ”

Naturally, the retailers are eager to reopen. Sector association Mode Unie also regrets that customers are only allowed in one at a time. “This will again put a major brake on sales,” says director Isolde Delanghe.

The Flemish Museum Consultation is pleased that the museums, just like the shops, are allowed to reopen. “There is great motivation among the museums to mean something to the people during this difficult period,” says chairman Patrick Allegaert. “It is also good that something ‘live’ is happening again in the cultural sector.”


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