Violence incident in Jerusalem: The suspect – injured by Elior Chen’s cult


The suspect in the violent incident that took place last night in the Beit Hakerem neighborhood of Jerusalem is one of the victims who was abused in the cult case of Elior Chen, who was sentenced about 24 years ago to 24 years in prison. The stabbing suspect was released from a closed institution, and arrived at his mother’s house – where he stabbed his 20-year-old sister, his 30-year-old brother-in-law, who was moderately injured, and later his mother. At the end of the events he hid in the incident until his arrest.

Police and MDA forces at the scene of the incident in Jerusalem. Photo: Documentation of MDA operations

In addition to the injured family members, an eight-month-old girl was evacuated to the hospital. The initial investigation revealed that the woman’s 26-year-old brother entered the house where she lives with her husband and attacked them with a knife, stabbing them in the upper body. Escaped from the apartment with their uninjured little daughter, and waited outside for the rescue forces.The attacker continued on his own and also began stabbing his 45-year-old mother, who was staying with his brother and wife at their home, and lightly wounded her.

Police forces were forced to break into the apartment from the back entrance, fearing for the mother’s life, after the attacker locked himself in the apartment with her. When the police entered the apartment, the assailant threatened them and waved a knife at them, until he was arrested and handcuffed after using a Taser gun. He was taken for questioning.


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