Villeneuve: “Early stop Verstappen was the luck for Hamilton”


This season, Formula 1 fans can enjoy a brawling and fighting Max Verstappen less often. The Dutchman had a patent on daring and spectacular overtaking actions, but often drives fairly anonymously this season. Not at Imola, where he was engaged in a round-long battle with Valtteri Bottas.

According to Jacques Villeneuve, the fact that Max Verstappen is significantly less in the picture than in previous years is not up to the driver himself. Although, the Canadian thinks Verstappen drives considerably less aggressively.

“We have seen that Max is less aggressive this year. That is also because he often drives in the ‘void’, in a hole. He comes third by default and can only occasionally launch a real attack on the Mercedes, they are just too strong That makes it difficult for him to do something. “

Lewis Hamilton benefits most from the dominance of Mercedes. The Briton is faster than teammate Bottas and when there are times when he is disappointed, luck always smiles at him, Villeneuve analyzes.

“He wrote history again, but you can also see that he has luck on his side again. Of course he is stronger than Bottas, but even when Bottas is good, it all falls back to Lewis’ direction.”

At Imola, Verstappen and Bottas stopped significantly earlier than Hamilton. The Briton then built up a lead that should be just enough to keep the lead, but was given a gift. Just when Hamilton made his stop, there was a VSC situation, forcing Bottas and Verstappen to brake.

“Verstappen’s early stop was clearly in his favor. He deserves the wins, but Lewis doesn’t need the luck,” said Villeneuve on Sky Sports.


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