Viewers not pleased with question about Sam Bettens in ‘De slims …


Viewers were not happy that Sarah, Sam Bettens’ deadname, was used as the answer.
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Viewers of The smartest person in the world were not set up yesterday with a quiz question about Sam Bettens. That nobody improved candidate Catherine Van Eylen when she kept talking about ‘she’ instead of ‘he’ was not appreciated. The fact that Sarah, Bettens’ name was mentioned again when he was still a woman, is seen by many as disrespectful.

Different viewers of it The smartest person in the world responded disappointed to a particular passage from the episode yesterday. VRT sports anchor Catherine Van Eylen was presented with the video in which Sam Bettens tells Linde Merckpoel that he wants to go through life as a transman. Van Eylen recognized Bettens, knew among other things that he is a singer and trans man and that his name was once Sarah.

But that in her search for answers she kept talking about ‘she’ instead of ‘he’ and that no one corrected her, that went wrong with viewers. It was also difficult with the fact that Bettens’ former wife name – his deadname – was used as an answer.

“One of the basic forms of respect is the deadname of a transgender person not to be treated as a quiz question. I think it is a shame that nobody in the team saw the problem, ”someone writes. “And that in a broadcast in which someone Sam Bettens several times misgenderde. What can absolutely happen, but without proper correction in an episode that isn’t even live? ”

Senne Misplon, herself a transman and spokesperson for the youth organization Wel Jong Niet Hetero, is also disappointed. He made a few appearances in the quiz himself at the start of the season. “Mentioning someone’s old name explicitly is just not really nice. The misgendering also continued. And no one who just corrected her afterwards. Very sorry.”

“As far as the keyword Sarah is concerned, the editors found the answer relevant,” says Vier spokeswoman Lies Maesschalk. “The video is about Sam’s outing and why he made that decision. It can also be found on YouTube under the title ‘Sarah Bettens becomes Sam Bettens’. But we would like to emphasize that in the future we will pay extra attention to the use of a so-called “deadname” and will always discuss this with the person concerned. ”

“The fact that“ she ”was used instead of“ he ”a number of times in the answer is evident the heat of the moment”, she continues. Giving as many answers as possible in a short time is crucial in that round. Nobody was wrong. Not even Erik, who at that moment has to listen very carefully to the keywords. Nevertheless, we want to learn from this and in the future want to pay extra attention to the misgendering of people. ”


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