Video: Miley Cyrus locked in locker room where fire breaks out


Miley Cyrus has her new album on Friday Plastic Hearts released. To celebrate that, Cyrus provided a special live stream on TikTok that same day. This included Iggy Azalea, who was fooled by Cyrus …

The two were chatting about Cyrus’ new music when smoke suddenly appeared in the room. The fire alarm went off and when Azalea tried to escape, the door was found to be locked.

Azalea, wanting to prevent them from inhaling the smoke, urged Cyrus to lie on the floor and cover her head.

Azalea then sought shelter and Cyrus called 911 – only to announce that Azalea had been kidding.

It resulted in hilarious and chaotic scenes. Below the video of Cyrus’ prank.


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