Victory for Amir Peretz: Labor Conference approves negotiations to join …


Victory for Labor Chairman Amir Peretz at the party conference: The members of the Labor Conference this evening (Sunday) approved 2 proposals by Chairman Peretz. The first authorizes him to negotiate membership in the Blue and White Party. The second cancels the primary election for the Labor list – and passes the vote to the conference members.

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In accordance with his own proposal, Peretz was authorized to negotiate to join Blue and White ahead of the next Knesset elections. 69% of conference members supported the proposal and 30% opposed. This will allow Peretz to complete the move he sought to lead in the past year, and unite Labor and Blue and White. The decision of the conference is a loss to MK Merav Michaeli, who opposed the move.

Another loss of Michaeli – and another victory of Peretz – was also recorded on the issue of primaries. The conference approved by a 66% majority the cancellation of the primary elections among the functionaries, and it was approved that the elections for the composition of the list will be held among the conference. This means that the composition of the list will be determined by the votes of only 4,000 people – instead of 40,000.

Labor chairman Peretz said following the conference resolutions: “Thank you to the Labor Party delegates for expressing confidence in my proposal. This is the need of the hour, together we will bring new forces to the party and march it back to its natural place in the Israeli public. I will act with the good of the state and the party before my eyes, in the values ​​of the labor movement of social justice and the pursuit of peace. “


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